“The longer you deprive people of something — certainly a constitutional right — the more anxious they’re going to be to exercise that right,” Van Hollen said.


Read more from Journal Sentinel: http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/jb-van-hollen-wont-seek-third-term-as-attorney-general-b99114726z1-226746901.html#ixzz2h4YjJdUF


08/08/2013 Challenge Filed in Federal Court
09/06/2013 AG Kathleen Kane requests extension in response time
09/11/2013 Healy Krautheim respond
09/16/2013 Judge O’Neill grants extension
09/27/2013 AG Kane files Motion to Dismiss

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The secret is out. An organization which stayed in the shadows… hiding the TRUTH. Now, we know.


I know they’ve got men everywhere waiting to put me down. I know how this usually plays out.

I’m not like the other guys. It matters who I am. Inside. If i am a good person. If I am strong. They took my life, my job, my house, my children, my family. They think this is killing me.

All over there’s people being pushed down. Being robbed. When one of them tries to stand up. They’ve got to make an example out of him.

All they do is lie.

They said if we worked hard… if we did ‘right’… we’d have a place. They said it was enough to be a man. They act like giants. We’re what they step on.

It does matter who you are. EVERY LIFE MATTERS.

Time for Integrity. Time for Respect. Time for Justice.

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