So if you are wondering why BANK OF AMERICA is foreclosing on your property… Look closely at your documentation.

It is not the banks behind the foreclosure crisis.

A fraudulent act by a lawyer is the only misconduct necessary to cause your loss of rights.

The reason no bankers went to jail for the robo-signing (fraud) was because THE LAWYERS DID IT. And they were protected.


Until the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6…



Please, contact me.

Our stories are too similar that I am wondering how our paths have not crossed.

The number of people who seem to know both of us are too great that I am curious as to why we have not met before.

Read, what we are doing… You will learn that everything which has been done to you has been LAWFUL… but UNCONSTITUTIONAL. And it’s only been lawful because the lawyers were bullied into injustice, and the judges compelled to lose their integrity. Remove Rule 1.6 and everything is good. No more excuses or ways to hide injustices.

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 of the Rules of Professional Conduct. With a cause for relief and standing to address the issue, pro se litigants filed and served every state – lawfully acting to expose a law which obstructed justice and mandated corruption leaving Americans without basic rights and liberties.


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