Todd Krautheim and Terance Healy appeared at the Bucks County Commissioners meeting this morning and presented the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 of the Rules of Professional Conduct and requested the support of the county in presenting the issue and the challenge to those who can help with the resolution of the matter.

Krautheim explained and again requested the assistance of the County Commissioners in the matter. The Bucks County Commissioners are Robert G. Loughery, Charles H. Martin, and Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia.

Krautheim further explained the loss of rights. The loss of constitutionally protected rights is something difficult for Americans to comprehend.

Healy and Krautheim responded to the questions.

Healy and Krautheim’s experiences were discussed briefly. The issue is not the experience, but the resultant loss of rights. The example of Cash for Kids scandal in Luzerne County was offered as an extreme case. No one understood how Cash for Kids could have happened, and gone ignored for so long, and affected so many children and families. Suddenly, there was a reason being presented and the room seemed to understand. There was no lawful approach to the scandal.

Healy explained the problem law being enacted through an unlawful action by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Further explaining how the legislature could not lawfully address the law once enacted. They explained how the Attorney General could not take lawful action against the law. Actually, three PA Attorneys General could not address the issue. Tom Corbett. Linda Kelly. Kathleen Kane.

Someone asked which Governor had signed the law. There had been no governor’s signature. The law was enacted by the Supreme Court in an action which usurped the authority of the legislature and the governor.

The inaction of Attorney General Kathleen Kane was profered as political rhetoric. Healy immediately addressed the AGs lawful responsibility to follow the law. Yes, the Attorney General had to ignore the injustice.

The room fell silent when it was stated that the identical law – RULE 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION – had been enacted in every US State…. and the author of the rule was the American Bar Association. Even the lawyers were silent.

Copies of the challenge were hand delivered to the Commissioners and made available to everyone in attendance.

The Commissioners pointed to a representative from the local newspapers with the suggestion of that being the first place to pursue further action.

It was then explained that while copies of the Challenge Document were hand delivered to each local newspaper in Bucks and Montgomery County, and the Philadelphia television stations had also received copies… there had been no word about the challenge in any media.

The meeting ended with alot of people having questions on their mind and a definitive interest in reading about this injustice spreading across the United States, and the resolution just beginning to see the light of day.

Healy and Krautheim appreciated the opportunity to present the issue, and additionally that the usual restriction on time for public comments was not an issue. The genuine interest of the commissioners and the audience in the room was greatly appreciated…. and a sign of hope. People have understood that the constitution was being ignored, but lacked the understanding of how to visualize it. It was demonstrated in Bucks County. Justice is coming.


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