Senator, the problem is that there was no lawful way to approach the crisis the country is facing.

Until 2 guys from suburban Philadelphia found the law which enabled the crisis and prevented resolution, and THEY COULD ADDRESS IT LAWFULLY. Once that law is declared by the court to be unconstitutional, a nullity, justice will be resurrected.

Pay attention to how many times you have been told about lack of jurisdiction. Rule 1.6 prevented lawful action.

“We have agencies that are rife with fraud and programs that are rife with fraud, and Congress has not done anything about it, they have agreed not to do anything about it. I think we’re working too well together.” Sen. Tom Coburn

We need a constitutional convention to take back our country

Senator Tom Coburn does not know that there can be no convention, because the lawyers can’t repair the damage they have done. Not until we get this Rule out of the way. Anyone in the government who mentions the issues which subvert the Constitution is likely NOT a lawyer. The lawyers know that is CONFIDENTIAL, and the punishment for talking is brutal.



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