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Holy smokes and sakes alive.

I’ve been trying for nearly two [2] decades to enunciate to my fellow Americans and future generations, the ghastly circumstances under which I fell into a life altering abyss; a labyrinth of abusive, arbitrary government and no win litigation vortex which essentially raped me of every fundamental right of society I though I had. It then abandoned me.

Once I believed in the great American Experiment; the myth that we are all endowed with certain ‘inalienable’ rights that would be instantly recognized, respected and enforced by our honorable, ‘independent’ third branch of government. Today our third branch acts BOLDLY similar to the Third Reich.

PEOPLE! I am NOT just crying wolf. This aint your founding fathers America anymore. If you think ‘it cant happen here, or it won’t happen to me or my children’ I am sorry to report that you are whistling past the graveyard.

This documentary [July 2013] by fellow citizen Larken Rose enunciates contemporary America infinitely better than I’ve been able to do. If the last fifteen [15] minutes [‘Oath Keepers’ ] don’t scare the bejesus out of you then you are indeed one of the sheeple who believe ‘it cant happen here, or it won’t happen.


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