I have been following the case of Gabrielle Drexler since her announcement on the local news.

I am currently trying to get some information to answer a couple of questions.

Her case was strategically positioned for success. Somehow that was completely undermined.

I believe the information which would have been exposed had she been given a hearing would have exposed something so much larger than the ‘scorn’ woman stories.

I want to find out the truth. I’ll post my thoughts on it later. I am still gathering information.

One word on telling a lie to any court. DON’T EVER DO IT. The lawyers who lie under Rule 1.6 are protected.

If you join them, you won’t have that protection. No matter what they tell you. Remember, they lie.

If you are not guilty, NEVER PLEAD GUILTY. That lie will affect your credibility for the rest of your life.

Look at the basic message. You cannot change that decision with any credibility.

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