Celebrate the Constitution!

After years of unaddressable injustice, the Constitutional Challenge is poised to return civil rights, restore the integrity of the judiciary, improve the reputation of lawyers, and give the lawmaking legislature back their job… ALL OVER THE USA.

Celebrate the day and let your favorite judge or lawyer know about the challenge. They may have delivered the worst injustice imaginable, but they may have been forced to do that. Rule 1.6 mandates they take no action to reveal misconduct.

I’ve had 18 judges in my divorce. They took everything I had. Family, career, friends, car, home. They left me destitute, and homeless. They were determined to destroy me. And I kept returning to receive more injustice because they were never going to permit my survival. They obstructed justice and prevented appeals, and failed to send evidence and exhibits to the Superior Court. The judges clearly despised my perseverance.

Their corruption, misconduct and injustice was so blatant and obvious and their actions were so extremely deliberate and ‘wrong’ that they created a situation by which I was able to have standing for a constitutional challenge which will make sure that others don’t ever go through what I have survived. I get my rights. Everyone gets their rights. They get the chance to restore their integrity… OR continue to deliver injustice without the protection of Rule 1.6.

[gview file=”http://work2bdone.com/live/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Challenge13-4614.pdf”]

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