What? Rule 1.6? That’s not…? That’s just…? Huh? Oh it’s about…
All of the reasons that you would NEVER look at Rule 1.6…
Reasons you should ignore Rule 1.6…
Move along… it doesn’t concern you. UNTIL IT DOES.

Rule 1.6 hides as a rule regarding Attorney-Client privilege.

Attorney-Client privilege builds trust based on the acceptance of concealing fraud and lies… even when the lies and fraud are presented in the court as truth.

Rule 1.6 is a smokescreen. A catch all which can be twisted as needed. The scripts are published. Everything about it is smoke and mirrors. Everything about it is wrong.

Rule 1.6 prevents lawful action by law enforcement to prosecute crimes by judges. How many judges have ever been prosecuted by a state for judicial misconduct? How many states stopped judicial misconduct from continuing? In Pennsylvania alone, the situation is clear. This isn;t attacking judicial immunity for errors in judgment. This is criminal actions and terror which is reported and goes unaddressed, unproscecuted, and unstopped. Cash for Kids is the most blatant in memory. But it seems the concept that everyone looked the other way was acceptable. WHY did they think their actions were lawful? Because Rule 1.6 made it not only lawful, but MANDATORY.

Attorney General Tom Corbett did nothing. Attorney General Linda Kelly did nothing. Attoenry General Kathleen Kane has been provided the opportunity to explain the failures of her predecessors. The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 which has been served to AG Kane and the Attorneys General of the untied States provides the opportunity to end the lawful dismissal of criminal actions by the judiciary. BUT, it exposes the Rule which caused the inability to prosecute law. It exposes the organization behind the Rule adopted and enacted in every US state.

The American Bar Association.

Now, we have a much bigger problem. Treason? Sedition? RICO organization? With lawyers in every level of government who MUST follow their Rule 1.6 or face the consequences for breaking it. Violate Rule 1.6 and you are ruined, disbarred, and attacked. Any lawyer who dares to sp[eak out against a judge is not only ruined. They are destroyed. The penalties for violating Rule 1.6 are as extreme as if you were a victim of it’s destructive effect on justice.

The opportunity to lawfully address it was lawfully laid upon the Federal Bench in Philadelphia on August 8, 2013 by two pro se litigants who lawfuilly had standing, a lawful cause for relief, a court record to lawfully correlate their loss of rights and the sense to lawfully present the matter as a constitutional challenge lawfully permitting them to lawfully address the unconstitutional law in every state.

The Defendant AGs who could not lawfully respond to the Challenge… did the only lawful thing they could think of without mentioning any of the issues. They cannot address the issues lawfully, because any action which addresses the issues would be construed as violating Rule 1.6.

With the other AGs hiding in silence and WITHOUT ANY BASIS for the request, AG Kathleen Kane requested an extension in the deadline.

Judge O’Neill extended the deadline INDEFINITELY.



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