To The Governor of Pennsylvania:
Can you please advise why the American Bar Association has provided the Code of Conduct which permits the complete denial of my constitutional rights? With scripts to twist the law provided to the judiciary?

WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED? 8 years of terror and now I find this as they abuse power and obstruct justice and terrorize me through additional court proceedings which grow more and more absurd.

I turned to you for help. 8 years of terror.

Now i find the judiciary and legislature are teamed, am I that big a threat as a pro se defendant that the entire American Bar Association, the PA legislature, and the judiciary have collectively conspired to deny my constitutional rights? The abuse of power under color of law executed by the Montgomery County Judiciary and scripted by the ABA has destroyed my life for 8 years.

When did the people of Pennsylvania lose their rights? And when did the government start destroying the citizens for sport?


Rule 1.6 The Proof of The Corruption of the PA Judiciary http://work2bdone.com/live/2013/08/rule-1-6-of-the-pennsylvania-rules-of-professional-conduct/

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