If I disappear, please make sure this information gets out.

The State Of Pennsylvania is using laws written by the American Bar Association.

The Confidentiality part of the Code of Professional Conduct became a twisted set of phrases which completely denies, obstructs and prevents the constitutional and civil rights of Pro Se litigants.

The ABA further has provided scripts to the Judiciary which premit them to draft orders without regard to the facts, without thought. They just select their intended outcome.

The scripts also indicate to the judges how to obstruct justice by preventing Appeals, tampering with evidence, etc. I found this as I was attempting to address why the exhibits were not forwarded to the Superior Court, along with other missing documents. They would be the docs which would demonstrate the fraud from the hearing which they do not want shown to the higher court.

For 8 years I have been terrorized by injustice. There’s no choice but to survive it. They destroyed every aspect of my life. I never committed suicide.

To find out tonight the tremendous resources which were working to destroy me is beyond description.

What has happened to the USA? The American Bar Association, The PA Legislature, The PA Judicial System have all conspired and participated to deny my Constitutional Rights. Their abuse of power under color of law, obstruction of justice and the COMPLETE DENIAL OF ANY SEMBLANCE OF A LIFE FOR 8 YEARS… With no explanation. Every possible aspect of the PA Judiciary is affected.

There is no law, no way to address the corruption of the lawyers and the judges. Rule 1.6 aggressively prohibits judges and lawyers from discussing their ‘misdeeds’ with non-lawyers. This results in any disciplinary action called to the attention of the Judicial Conduct Board or the Disciplinary Board being ignored . Even their letter neglects to indicate anything more than the dismissal.

i AM TERRIFIED BEYOND BELIEF BECAUSE I HAVE SURVIVED THIS LONG ONLY TO DISCOVER every level of government was not just ignoring my pleas for help. They were participating.

Terance Healy

I can’t believe America is truly lost. Pennsylvania is not the only state using the program to do this. You can find the others by Searching: “1.6 Confidentiality Of information”
Any US State which is using the ABA’s words for their laws is also likely to be using their abusive tactics and scripts to destroy people.


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