mob3We will begin collecting data at this web site shortly. BUT, we’re not going to be taking a judge bashing, whining victims type of approach.
Those sites are out there. They serve a purpose, but they fail to resolve any issue.

Even that guy who’s been driving around the USA filming the victims has failed to see that you can’t resolve a problem when all you do is point at it.

Realize that those responsible for the problem are acting lawfully. Recognize that.
Realize that those ignoring the complaints are acting lawfully. Understand that.
It’s important to recognize that all of the unfairness, and the injustice, and the failure of anyone to respond to the misconduct was entirely lawful.

The law is the law.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL indicates that law is/was a nullity. IMHO, Rule 1.6 is unconstitutional – NOT a law. Finding the hidden needle which was holding up a haystack of injustice was no easy task. Many have pointed at the moral and ethical faults of Rule 1.6. Not many of those people were outside of the legal profession and victimized by their RULES and able to do something about it.

Judicial immunity rules are lawful and applicable and necessary. Just as their injustice was lawful – the resolution is lawful. A Lawful Responsible approach is required.

The data will be used to demonstrate the necessity of this Challenge for all People.

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