Terance Healy and Todd Krautheim have filed a document in federal court which ushers in a new age of justice.

Injustice will no longer be lawfully ignored.

Those responsible for managing Rule 1.6, at which they have failed greatly, may now be relieved of that responsibility.

I am unaware how they lawfully came to be in charge of lawful injustice, while I lawfully offer them the opportunity to return the justice system and permit the restoration of the integrity of the judiciary and the reputation of law.

An entire generation of lawyers and judges have come to accept that the injustice up until this day has been lawful. In good conscience they were unable to see the error which lawfully permitted sociopaths to lawfully victimize the people and to terrorize the individuals.

Thank you for your service. You failed. An epic failure. We’ll take it from here.

Terance Healy
Todd Krautheim

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