My post yesterday about the American Bar Association was an essential step in the recovery of our rights.

I am a Pro Se victim as well. Read the site and you know I know your suffering.

There are things which must happen in a precise way at this point. I am working on them. I understand how they must happen. If not done properly and with the proper understanding of the overall situation, it will only result in the frustration we have experienced for years.

The problem was designed to resist correction at all costs.

I’ve got this figured out. Getting to the root problem was no easy task.

The correction requires everyone I turned to for help to get out of my way. They couldn’t be involved in any way – and they haven’t been. [They received the nastygrams yesterday which indicated to them that I know.] If they didn’t want this to be resolved, there would have been a clear indication. It seems this morning, they have done absolutely nothing. This is essential to the resolution.

Taking any action right now may cause you great frustration. Knowing the problem and fixing the problem is a very precise situation in this case. While I know we have been beaten to the point where trust is something we can only hope to be capable of doing again someday.

I understand. Read my story. I’ve got this. Trust me.


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