Some nights I wake up in the middle of the night and it hits me… HARD… 8 years of my life trying to survive the constant fraud, injustice and litigation.

Where 18 judges decided it was ok to violate law and procedure to attack me. … and I fall apart.

What could possibly motivate them? Why does no one stop them?

I just wonder what motivates A TEAM to destroy every aspect of a persons existence.

Isolate them from everyone. Cripple them emotionally. Attack every thought. Annihilate everything around them… and then not permit them any escape or comfort.

After 8 years it is absolutely criminal.

And there is no one to rescue me no matter how loudly i beg for help.

Imagine being terrorized for 8 years of your life… and no opportunity to escape… and no one doing anything on your behalf to help. … watch my destruction.

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