Jurisdiction refers to the power of the court to decide a case; to render a decision that will be recognized and enforced by authorities and other courts.

– Requires the court have jurisdiction over the subject matter of the action
– Requires the court have jurisdiction over each party to the action
– Requires due process of law – the appearance or service of process (notice of pendency of the lawsuit) before the defendant can be personally bound by any judgment.
– If the defendant has not received proper notice, the court’s power to adjudicate is imperfect.
– Defective service of process goes to lack of notice.
– Due process requires notice and an opportunity to be heard.

Challenging Jurisdiction – MUST BE ADDRESSED BY THE COURT.

Judges who ignore questions of jurisdiction, likely lack jurisdiction and have acted improperly, or criminally. Judges who repeatedly fail to address the lack of jurisdiction are abusing their power under color of law.

Deliberately ignoring a lack of jurisdiction when properly before the court is an abuse of power under color of law.

The judges have had plenty of opportunity to indicate the requirements of jurisdiction for their [void] orders.
They have NOT addressed their jurisdiction because doing so would reveal their corrupt actions.

I have indicated the failures in regard to jurisdiction. THIS HAS BEEN IGNORED.

For presenting the criminal lack of jurisdiction and the malicious retaliation of the judges when confronted with the errors, I have been destroyed and my civil rights further eliminated. The failures grow, and the corrupt abusive actions of the judges become more and more blatant.

Appealing their void orders and the malicious orders attempting to enforce void orders has lead to further injustice where judges have acted without jurisdiction while jurisdiction rests with the Superior Court. Those actions illegally and unethically prevent the matter from being prepared and transmitted to the Superior Court. Effectively denying access to the courts. A a court which has refused to hold hearings and prevented and ignored due process and procedure is not going to permit a higher court to review their intentional errors to the most basic concept of jurisprudence. It’s called ABUSE. It is a crime.

Prosecuting a corrupt judge is rare… and their terroristic retaliation to a challenge causes an inescapable misery which leads many to suicide.

When it is the corruption and lack of integrity caused by the entire judicial bench. Life becomes torture. A nightmare of injustice and unending litigation with no opportunity for judicial review.

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