Judge Garrett Page was provided the opportunity to not accept the assignment of this matter. He chose poorly.

I had questioned the reassignment of the case from Judge Haaz.

Judge Page came into the matter with more advance information than any other judge since 2007.

Judge Page was offended by my Objection to the Reassignment. I explained to him that it was not personal. 1) There had been no reason provided for Judge Haaz not holding the hearing he ordered.
2. There had been no reason provided for Court Administration failing to schedule the hearing before Judge Haaz.
3) The matter had been before 15 judges already. It is reasonable to request an explanation for the arbitrary reassignment to yet another judge.
4) No acceptable explanation was offered.

It would take a judge with a great deal of integrity to be able too handle the issues involved in the matter. Since 2007, I have given each judge the benefit of the doubt. Each judge failed immediately… with one notable exception. Judge Haaz. Judge Haaz effectively and immediately addressed defects in due process when presented to him during the short list conference in July 2012. It seemed that the pending stalled Appeal was preventing the hearing from being scheduled. Jurisdiction remains with the Superior Court until the Appeal is decided.

Judge Page failed quickly, demonstrating poor and careless organizational issues, and his bias to dismiss the Pro Se Defendant even when the facts are clearly on the court record. Judge Page went on to recognize that hearings had NOT taken place before Judge Carluccio. When he came to that realization, he and Valerie Angsgt began a little dance. He accepted and encouraged her misinformation. He coached her through a few statements, as Judge Page needed to protect the ‘integrity’ of Judge Carluccio’s invalid orders.

Problem is that there is no protecting a void order which lacked jurisdiction. There is no way to make up for the lack of jurisdiction, the lack of hearings, the lack of due process, etc. The Orders are Void Ab Initio. After the hearing, in his absurd Order, Judge Page neglected to address any of the issues I presented regarding jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction is necessary. Jurisdiction has tangible elements which must be in place to permit the judge to conduct hearings and issue orders. Without jurisdiction, the judge is powerless and prevented from issuing an Order. If the judge had jurisdiction, it could be presented in minutes. When they fail to address their jurisdiction, they perpetrate a fraud and create a conspiracy which eventually involves more and more people in their crimes.

Judge Carluccio did not have jurisdiction to issue the Divorce Decree. She was informed of the fatal defect… AND IGNORED IT. The Equitable Distribution Order written by Judge Carluccio cannot stand without a Divorce Decree so the Equitable Distribution Order is VOID AB INITIO.

BUT, Judge Carluccio was dishing out unfair punishments and irreparable damage to the target of her maliciously biased orders. Judge Carluccio had secretly cancelled hearings AND GOTTEN CAUGHT. Judge Carluccio had made false reports to the courthouse deputies in an attempt to intimidate me. Judge Carluccio had ‘made ridiculous things up out of thin air’ committing fraud in her own courtroom. Judge Carluccio was not going to permit the resolution of any matter raised by the Defendant. She was determined to do what SHE WANTED TO DO without regard to civil rights, due process or the law. She was the judge and she could abuse the power of her office to compel other people to enforce her invalid/void orders. In doing so she made county personnel a party to her crimes. Judge Carluccio’s fraud and abuse also causes her to forfeit her judicial immunity… AND ALSO FORFEIT THE IMMUNITY FOR THE PRIOR JUDGES.

Judge Carluccio made a complete mess out of everything and further obstructed justice, denied access to the court, and illegally blocked an Appeal of her void order from being sent to Superior Court. She began a cascading series of illegal actions based on her invalid and void orders. By continuing the abuse, she terrorized the victim of the court’s deliberate injustice. She ordered her target to be homeless, prevented him from obtaining his possessions, and deliberately ignored petitions filed with the court to address the impending irreparable damage. This after 6 years of constant litigation and the complete denial of any custody or visitation (without explanation or reason).

The actions of Sonya Healy and Angst & Angst to involve more and more people in their criminal actions leads them to interpret that they would never address the injustice and face prosecution when the team harassing and terrorizing the one person is SO huge. Every County Department, realtors, title search companies, insurance companies, so many people have deliberately kept me uninformed. It suggests there is yet another secret order which requires people to ignore any request for information.

Judge Carluccio further issued an Order preventing the Defendant from addressing any of her prior malicious actions. While the Appeal was sitting in Norristown and NOT BEING PREPARED FOR THE SUPERIOR COURT, I was prevented from addressing the abusive and criminal actions of the judiciary to conceal their injustice.

One important thing to remember is that Judge Page issued his $300,000+ Order knowing that I had followed all of the prior orders and had testified to the exact date and time the items in question were delivered to the location ordered verbally on the Record by Judge Carluccio. I also have in my possession the hand written document from Judge Carluccio which was greatly expanded by Valerie Angst and Peggy before placing the photoshopped signature of Judge Carluccio on the Order.

Judge Page ignored all of the evidence. He proceeded with apparent intent to bury me so deeply in debt that I would never recover. Note: Ordering a homeless person who has been unemployed since 2007 to pay over $300,000 to the person who deliberately and criminally manipulated corrupted and polluted the entire judiciary is clearly intended to bury the victim in debt so deep that he will never escape. At my highest full salary, the amount would be greater than 5 years salary. Imagine that? For something which they lied about. And where they neglected to produce the verbal part of the order.

When the absurd Order was appealed, Judge Page was forced to play along and GRANTED the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis(IFP). I had spent an entire day attempting to have a judge hear the IFP. No judge would hear it.


Judge Page then, WITHOUT ANY PROCEEDING, revoked the Petition to Proceed in Forma Pauperis. He further notified each of the Court Reporters to NOT PREPARE the transcripts required and requested.

Judge Page lacked jurisdiction to revoke his order granting the status. BUT, HE DID IT. In doing so he has made each of the court reporters a party to his criminal obstruction and denial of access to the courts.

I could not appeal the revocation because I would need the Pauper status to file that appeal. There had been a rule change that further blocked the filing of the Notice of Appeal document without the IFP in place. When they revoke your IFP, and you need an IFP to proceed, the court has deliberately prevented access to the higher courts.

Judge Page was also covering his own judicial errors. He wrote an opinion which is laughable in that it also fails to address the very specific issue of jurisdiction. It suggests that Judge Carluccio must have had jurisdiction because she issued her order. THEREFORE, there is no need to examine the issue of jurisdiction. He digs deeper and comes up with statements which are almost as crazy as Judge Carluccio’s ‘if it is not circled’ fraudulent misrepresentation.

When I point out that my rights are being denied and request explanations and hearings, Judge Page has now DENIED those petitions WITHOUT HEARINGS. Clearly now dealing with a judge without integrity criminally abusing the power of his office under color of law to obstruct justice and deny access to the higher courts.

At what point did Judge Page lose his integrity? At one point he suggested he had integrity.

Bear in mind, I have no choice but to defend against the injustice. There is no escape from the constant intrusions. Surely, the judge had to know I would appeal his absurd Order. BUT NOW AN Appeal WOULD EXPOSE JUDGE CARLUCCIO AND THE OTHERS.

Prior to the February hearing when I requested a continuance due to the failing health of my father who has since passed away. I had escalated the written request to Judge Page’s attentioon with a phone call. Judge Page failed to respond all day and had a member of his staff call and say I had to appear for the hearing. I begged the person to have him reconsider. Judge Page personally called from his own cell phone and ORDERED me to be in his courtroom at 9:00 AM the next morning. As the hearing was scheduled for the afternoon, I was under the impression Judge Page simply wanted to meet me before permitting the continuance.

BUT NO. Judge Page was being a ‘dick’. He thought the hearing was scheduled for 9:00 AM. He had no intention of considering the continuance. He wanted the proceeding to occur without regard for my family emergency.

AND, Judge Page didn’t even show up at the Courthouse til close to 10:00 AM. I had none of my paperwork with me, and Angst & Angst were unaware of the judge’s rescheduling to 9:00 AM. Judge Page was now basically embarassed into continuing the hearing. Not for any compassionate reason. Simply because of his own carelessness.

The handwriting was on the wall. I know the drill. Each judge is slightly different. Judge Page was going to attempt to prevent exhibits and evidence at the hearing. I had to be as over-prepared as possible. At the hearing, I made sure all exhibits were submitted. I recall thinking that Valerie Angst had taken NO ACTION to respond to the lack of jurisdiction. She ignored it. I recall thinking that would be problematic for her on Appeal. Generally, if you neglect to address an issue in the hearing, the issue may not be raised/defended during the Appeal. So I kind of knew things would go against me with Judge Page, BUT the Appeal process could not be ignored and blocked AGAIN.

Yet, here we are. Judge Page is creating needless drama by issuing orders without hearings where he lack jurisdiction during a pending Appeal. And until he proves that his court has jurisdiction, he is simply helping to build a clearcut Federal case.

What do they gain by terrorizing me? Don’t they realize I have no other choice and must persevere through their harassment intrusion and terror. It would seem they become angry as I am forced to point out their corruption and failures which subject me to incredible injustice. What do they expect? Seriously, They annihilated every aspect of my life… Did they think I would disappear quietly into the night? That’s not gonna happen.
{Judge Page’s actions have been reported to law enforcement authorities. Had they acted when the crimes were first reported in 2007, things would have gone differently.]

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