The true problem with illegal surveillance and intrusion in American’s lives is not just what is seems on the surface.

It is is how it is being shared. Centers are in place nationwide to share the data being collected. MAGLOCLEN and RISS.net are examples.

And then there is the private investigators who are former law enforcement and also a part of the data exchange network. They can do evenm more to intrude into your life. When you catch them, law enforcement does nothing to prosecute or end the intrusion. They ignore your report and encourage, endorse and permit the intrusion to continue.

The more you discover, the more the cover-up becomes a necessity.

There is no escape. They will destroy you. You cannot win. Anyone who knows about the capabilities also knows the level of destruction which can be inflicted by this organization. They destroy people for trying to survive their tactics.

They interfere in justice. They corrupt and pervert every aspect of American life. But, it is very American to pretend that they have no affect. Americans will ignore it. They will mock it. Should t.hey discover they are caught in it. They learn their mistake too late.

Snowden was not affected by it… and recognized the damage that was being done. He is a hero.

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