The ‘rewind’ you replayed on the web was the third time i had the same conversation with your ‘player’. Had to laugh, as i told the same jokes each time. And once I caught it, I talked to him and he indicated he had not been online… So how do you explain the video? And the person who blew their cover by attempting to corroborate. And then of course their friends who were also on my suspicious list.

Another person who had gotten ALOT of tattoos, has suddenly appeared without those tattoos. Rewind error? Yea.

Add that to the person who’s hair grew out overnight. You weren’t able to un-do the haircut without being noticed.

And of course, now the only people I can see online are those who are attempting to set up another game.

The Harassment teams using technology to isolate and terrorize me have been noted. “Sounds crazy” isn’t going to work to dismiss the evidence. They are on Facebook and on other social networking sites. And they still haven’t realized that they are too big to know everything they have done… and my memory is good. I remember them all. Celebrating an anniversary is a regular occurrence. Celebrating the same first anniversary 3 times… not so much.

8 years of this type of manipulation and intrusion. What is their purpose? So much effort to protect the crimes of the judges… and it just snowballed. Each time another is revealed you invest more and more in terrorizing me. 18 judges. And now we have clear abuse of power, denial of access to courts, obstruction of justice, …. They have created a monster that they cannot control…. and they throw another judge on the pile and blame him…

Stop the corruption and criminal activity in the Montgomery County Court of common Pleas.

The out of control abuse of surveillance power cannot be investigated without the persons being investigated knowing. So you cannot get ahead of them, … and they never get prosecuted. They live to terrorize another day.

Your abuse is unconstitutional. And eventually someone will be able to stop an out of control corrupt judiciary.

[It has been noted that a reputation protection service has been preventing this web site from being available and indexed on search engines. I believe they have even gone as far as hacking the site numerous times, and issued a court order preventing the hosting company from providing me the proof of their efforts.]

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