Judge Garret Page issued an enforcement order for payment of over $300,000 to a Defendant who had been unemployed since 2007 and left homeless by a void order while failing to address the lack of jurisdiction of the void order based on a void based on a void defective order.

On Appeal, Judge Page initially ignored the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis. After an entire day of judges refusing to hearing the IFP, Judge Page granted the petition. Judge Page then requested a concise statement of issued being raised on appeal. Upon being provided with that listing, Judge Page (without jurisdiction) revoked the IFP. There was no hearing. There was no explanation.

When asked for a hearing / explanation. Judge Page denied petitions for the same.

Unable to appeal a denial of an IFP because the Prothonotary would not accept an Appeal without an IFP. Judge Page intentionally issued orders without jurisdiction knowing there would be no way around his actions.

Judge Page, with full knowledge of what was being challenged in the Appeal, then contacted the court reporters and instructed them to NOT provide the transcripts for the hearings required for the Appeal to proceed. Judge Page was intimidating at least one of the court reporters who regularly worked with him. THAT reporter also neglected to submit exhibits along with previously transcribed transcripts.

Judge Page is acting to prevent the Appeal of his order, because it exposes the denial of access to the courts and the denial of an Appeal filed on August 15, 2011. That Appeal was blocked by Judge Carolyn Carluccio. Who refused to hear the IFP at that time, while acknoweledging the appeal and preventing transcripts from being produced at that time. At the time Defendant was appealing a defective divorce decree which left Defendant homeless and disposed of ALL of his property while conspiring with the Plaintiff and her attorneys to deny and delay hearings.

This all occurs after 8 years of divorce litigation where the Defendant has been denied prompt custody hearings, and denied any enforcement actions against the Plaintiff. Causing the Defendant to be in tremendous debt, and not being permitted to see his children for years.

Prior Complaints to the JCB have been ignored, not investigated and summarily dismissed while the judiciary continues to terrorize the Defendant. All actions designed to conceal the initial malicious order, kept secret for 3 years, issued by Judge Rhonda Daniele without hearing, without being distributed to the Defendant, and without ever meeting with the Defendant. That SECRET Order was used to leverage the judges to misdeed, which once discovered and documented resulted in their prompt recusal and the injustice being moved to the next judge’s courtroom.

8 Years.

18 Judges.


The inescapable injustice is documented.

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