The worst news is yet to be revealed.

It will show the lengths that the surveillance tools were further misused to prevent their exposure to the public.

It was necessary to protect law enforcement from being prosecuted for Constitutional violations.

It was necessary to prevent judges from being held accountable for their misuse of the data illegally collected.

Of course, the judges did not permit the information to be presented in court. How would anyone explain their having obtained the information? All levels of law enforcement failed to address my repeated complaints filed lawfully about the intrusive and destructive surveillance.

Could they just reveal what they had collected and hold me accountable without any concern for my intentional actions taken to cause the surveillance to be revealed.

Using the illegally obtained information to justify continued use of the intrusive surveillance became inescapable. For example, corrupt and prevent my banking, and then use the fact that I no longer had a bank account to suggest there was something more to investigate. They caused the financial problems upon which they were suggesting further secret investigations would be necessary

It is also likely that the judges had issued additional warrants permitting the surveillance and those were kept secret. The game quickly became “Tell Terance Nothing”. Keep Terance isolated. keep the injustice and lawlessness going… and hope another flub doesn’t occur like the one which after 3 years of terror provided the Secret Order of Judge Rhonda Daniele from August 2007. Issuing a libelous and slanderous Court Order and keeping it a secret from the target prevents the Defendant from addressing the crime being committed against him, creates a conspiracy of silence designed to inflict paranoia, and robs their target of years of his life.

When it turns out that wasn’t the only “secret order” issued by Rhonda Daniele. It demonstrates a deliberate trend. Rhonda Daniele’s abuse of judicial power goes even further to punish the person who unintentionally revealed her corrupt orders.

NEVER LET TERANCE GET ANY ANSWER TO EVEN THE MOST SIMPLE QUESTION… because if you do provide an answer, the conspiracy will reveal itself.

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