I first noticed the surveillance in February 2007.

It wasn’t the NSA. It was my spouse as she planned her divorce surprise. On the advice of her lawyer she broke a few federal laws.

When discovered they needed an out. Her lawyer spoke to her mentor the judge and they found a private investigator. Turns out the same PI that did ‘work’ for the county… and the county drug task force.

At that point the judge’s began acting on their illgotten and secret data – it was also false. BUT, they couldn’t explain so they just kept terrorizing. I noticed. I reported it to every law enforcement agency, but NO ONE HELPED. NOT EVEN AN INVESTIGATION.

Judges kept acting without jurisdiction, no hearings, no due process. The lawyer kept making sure they had no jurisdiction. AND used that leverage to get me terrorized more and more. I reported it. No one helped.

At some point every Federal Agency with an interest in jurisprudence was regularly visiting my web site to see what was going on. And not doing anything. They couldn’t. If they did, they would reveal the illegal surveillance going on and the levels to which it was being utilized to obstruct justice and terrorize an innocernt victim who detected it.

I always knew it would be unassociated – someone’s completely selfless act which would reveal the nightmare.

Enter Edward Snowden.

Snowden’s report revealed that with an email address they could access and turn a life upside down. It’s not just surveillance. It is redirection, obfuscation and more. I know what he revelaed, I lived it. I know the danger he is in.

I’ve lived it.

How laughable is it that Montgomery County PA has just initiated a policy that all litigants must use an email address to access their system. They have previously used corrupted java certs to compel their surveillance into computers. To overcome that I reload an operating system on every reboot and no longer use hard disks. In light of Snowden’s revelation, Montgomery County just became very obvious. But, that was something I have known all along.

I indicated years ago that the District Attorney’s Drug Task Force had become the paramilitary arm of the Court of Common Pleas. That was pinpoint accuracy. Judges reacted to things I typed and never filed. But, no one helped.

I saw a young girl harassed by a cop and his buddies. When she reported it to the town, they mocked her. The DA called her a LIAR. The DA used a grand jury whom she kept uninformed about her drug tyask force surveillance, redirection, remote control capabilities. She let the police lie. And then she had the audacity to call Gabriele Drexler a LIAR. There is no reason for Gabriele to have lied. And the only reason for the DA to go after her was because the leverage of a cop on the drug task force to reveal the surevillance is too strong to be ignored.

Police on the drug task force never get fired. They get reassigned whenever they screw up. They know too much. They have leverage. The surveillance information is powerful leverage.

Jim Gearthart from NJ 101.5 suggested the other day that if the NSA had the info and the police wanted to know, the police could call the NSA and get it. He doesn’t know about the RISS.net and places like MAGLOCLEN. These are the databases which collect and share the information collected by law enforcement with other law enforcement.

Yes, Wally. MAGLOCLEN does exist.

It connects all the data points. The PI’s hired to subvert your rights, the local law enforcement who are subverting your rights, the federal authorities subverting your rights.

Now you may think that if you are doing nothing wrong it is no problem. THINK AGAIN.

If you are dealing with judges (18 so far) and you’re actions will reveal their failures and crimes. Their treasonous actions without jurisdiction. Their abuse of power which has robbed you of every aspect of your life for the last 8 years. Their judicial abuse of resources further implicates and involves county employees in their crimes. The surveillance is used to try to silence and destroy you further to prevent them from being caught, prosecuted, or held responsible for their actions.

It is more than surveillance. It is redirection, filtering, obfuscation and remote control of technology. Phones, computers, etc…

My name is Terance Healy. I have been the victim of terroristic actions since 2007. And no one has ever helped because the power of the necessity to maintain the secrecy of the secret surveillance actions in the US is far greater than the Constitution, the law and any human rights. This site documents my terror. And my story and it is all truth…

Read on, and see what happens to an innocent caught in their criminal surveillance.

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