There are only two reasons a judge would knowingly violate the law…
1) incompetence
2) corruption

Judge Garrett Page believes that once a case is reassigned from another judge there should be no opportunity to correct ERRORS committed previously. Seriously, even when presented with the evidence on the court record, Judge Page chooses to ignore it and continue blindly. Well, blindly but in a very determined manner.

He actually writes in his Opinion that once one judge violates your civil rights, it is the responsibility of the following judges to make certain you never correct the error no matter how grievous the damage… or how basic the violation to your rights… even when it permits opposing counsel to leverage the conspiracy to prevent justice to further the injustice.

Amazing…. what he said in his 10 page Opinion confirms that once Judge Rhonda Daniele issued her Secret Order, the Montgomery County Judiciary was going to destroy me verses correcting one judge’s error. The judiciary guarded that secret for 3 years, and had begun their attack against my most basic civil rights.

The judges also retaliated against the clerk who inadvertently provided the secret document to me. The Montgomery County Judiciary demonstrated their merciless mindset. Everyone in the courthouse knows what they did to him. Everyone in the courthouse knows what they are doing to me. If anyone at the courthouse thinks about whistleblowing, they will be destroyed. There is no stopping a corrupt band of judges… should you encounter a judge with integrity, he will be reassigned from your case permitting the opposition to further their leverage.

Judge Haaz has been the only judge who has addressed the ‘leverage’ by Angst & Angst directly and immediately. Unfortunately, he was reassigned from the case by the administration in December 2012 never holding the hearing he ordered to be scheduled scheduled. Judge Haaz knew he couldn’t hold the hearing while an Appeal was pending. Enter Judge Page…

In the last 8 years, this matter has been before 18 judges… So either Judge Page is the MOST INCOMPETENT JUDGE OF THE MILLENIA … or he is corrupt and lacking any ability to uphold his oath, the law, or even basic human decency. He thinks his function is to extend further injustice to victims of injustice. His job is to ignore the law and the truth to protect those who have ignored the law and the truth.

Using 10 pages to say that the judiciary would NEVER correct a procedural error… The actions to twist their situation designed to bury the victim… just PRICELESS. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS.

Judge Page, it is time for your resignation. You proved my point. Once you are a victim of their injustice, the Montgomery County Judiciary will not take responsibility for their errors/crimes.

THEY WILL DESTROY YOU… THEY WILL DESPISE YOU FOR SURVIVING THEIR ACTIONS…and they will not stop their terroristic injustice until you have committed suicide. And, there is no other abuse of power more difficult to survive than a corrupt judiciary. Judges have the power to compel law enforcement to exact their abusive orders.


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