The software was written using an Asian character set to make it more difficult for US Programmers to decode.

It was initially a virus, until Awareness Technologies packaged the program as surveillance, remote control and obfuscation/redirection programs for soccer moms who do not trust their kids.

The package is VERY powerful and available to the general public so that it makes it harder to detect exactly who has you under surveillance.

Dick Cheney blasts NSA leaker Edward Snowden as ‘traitor,’ says he may be Chinese spy


The ability to ‘share’ the ill-gotten surveillance is already in place.

RISS.net consist of multiple locations like the MAGLOCLEN site in Newtown, PA which permit the exchange of data between different levels of law enforcement.

Include Private investigators among those who can do whatever they like – immunity from prosecution when acting on behalf of local law enforcement.

It becomes clear that Americans have had no privacy for many years.

My evidence indicates back as far as 2007, with equipment being distributed to local law enforcment in 2003.

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