When Judge Page was cornered by his absurd order being the subject of a Notice of Appeal, he refused to hear my Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.
Judge Bertin refused.
Judge Austin refused.
NO JUDGE willing to hear the Petition.
At the end of the day, Judge Page signed the Order without a hearing.
It was his order to pay over $300,000 in penalties that was being challenged in the appeal.

April 30, 2013 – I present the Order granting permission to proceed in forma pauperis to the Court Reporter office and coordinate arrangements for the documents to be provided. I was leaving for my father’s funeral the next day and would be out of town for a week.

Later in the week, I contact the Court Reporter office to indicate the hearings required and determine the associated court reporter.

May 15, 2013 – A confirming Request for the Production of Transcripts was filed with the Prothonotary and the Court Reporter Office was notified to assist with coordination of the documents. The document listed each of the hearings and the associated court reporter. It referenced the permission to proceed “in forma pauperis” specifically indicating “cost of transcripts” which would compensate the court reporter for their effort.

May 17, 2013 – As required, I prepare, file, deliver and serve to Judge Page a “Concise List of Errors Complained of On Appeal”. This document MUST include every issue involved in the appeal. If the issue is not included, it may not be addressed in the Appeal. It also may NEVER be included in ANY appeal, Ever. You waive your right to appeal by failing to include issues in this document.

To my knowledge what happened next was that Judge Page began calling the court reporters instructing them to ignore my request for transcripts.

I first learn of this when I get a message from Byron Battle, Chief Court Reporter.

I return Byron’s call. He is questioning the validity of the Order. I had given them a copy of the order on April 30, 2013. It was also on the court docket. It clearly indicated and included “cost of transcripts”. The hearing transcripts requested were directly related to the issues of the appeal.

Judge Page had signed the Order.
(1) Not a forgery.
(2) He issued a subsequent order so he acknowledged it.
(3) Handwritten.
(4) It looked like Judge Page’s Orders usually did.
(5) Judge Page’s Orders always looked as if they were written on scrap paper.
(6) rarely, if ever, titled with the proper citations.
(7) never had the litigants names and titles correct.
(8) It was hand delivered to me by Court Administration.
(9) ODDLY: The VACATE Order does not look anything like prior Orders written by Judge Page.
Would another judge have issued the VACATE order and attributed it to Judge Page?
No ethics, No integrity… Totally possible.
The judges have already proven they are corrupt to the point of destroying every aspect of a person… pushing him to suicide.
Forging a Court Order to cover their asses?
No Shame, No Responsibility… Totally possible.
It is already proven that judges conceal the errors of other judges without regard for the damage caused.

The only thing more absurd than his ordering me to pay over $300,000 was that he did not anticipate the appeal and know the issues it would include.

Judge Page had held the hearings in February and issued the order which was being challenged in the Appeal.
He was very aware of the prior proceedings involved in his order.
The “Concise list” informed Judge Page of the issues.
He had deliberately neglected to address the issues directly in his Order.
Deliberately neglecting the clear lack of jurisdiction
The issues had been presented at EVERY opportunity… and ignored.
– Listed in the Appeal filed August 15, 2011.
– Listed in the Concise Statement of Errors Complained of On Appeal filed September 19, 2011.
– Listed in the Response & Counterpetition filed July 10, 2012
– Listed in the Objection to Reassignment filed December 28, 2012
– Listed in the Letter requesting a Continuance of the January 17, 2013 proceeding. (DENIED)
– Recited in person on January 17, 2013
(In denying the continuance which I had requested as my father was dying, Judge Page ordered me to appear in his courtroom at 9AM the next morning. He arrived at 10AM. His ‘unintentional rescheduling’ of the 1:30 PM proceeding to 9AM necessitated the continuance of the 1:30PM hearing to February 11, 2013.)
– Listed in opening remarks on February 11, 2013.
– Listed in opening remarks on February 20, 2013.
– Listed, Presented, Recited into the court record, Cross referenced with the Docket, Summarized, Testified, Entered and Accepted as Exhibits on February 20, 2013
– Listed in the Request for Accounting filed on February 27, 2013
– Listed in the Notice of Appeal filed April 26, 2013, docketed on April 29, 2013
– Listed in the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis Petition filed on April 29, 2013,

Speaking with Byron later in the week, I learned that Judge Page has VACATED the Order in writing… without notice… without any proceeding… violation of procedure. violation of law. violation of ethics. violation of civil rights. violation of constitutional rights. If it were meant to stop me, why would he do everything the wrong way? It is meant to distract. To cause you to lose focus. To cause you to lose hope. To cause you to feel terrorized. To provoke. All he need do is intimidate the Court Reporters. The vacate order is singularly directed to prevent their efforts. AND ONE OTHER THING
It prevents the delivery of the Appeal filed August 15, 2011 from being transmitted to the Superior Court by the Prothonotary. Too late, the question was asked as to why the Appeal was not TRANSMITTED.


Causing Another Appeal? That will be three Appeals nested within each other.
Another IFP required to file it. And no judge will sign it.

I am seeking this to Appeal the absurd Enforcement Order of a void order based on a void order based on a void order based on a void and defective divorce decree which is being appealed.

Petitions trying to obtain the non-existent supporting evidence. More complaints about not holding hearings. An Ex Parte Order without a scheduled hearing. Demand testimony by Judge Page’s imaginary friends who provided the very reliable information… which they cannot testify to… or provide as an exhibit… because it will reveal they have been manipulating the judges to corruption in this case… HOLY SHIT!!! THEY HAVE DONE IT AGAIN.
It would be funny if it wasn’t so perpetual.

Welcome to the nightmare of being manipulated by Angst & Angst.
You will be leveraged, and manipulated until you no longer see that the man who stands before you is the victim.
You have been presented with the truth, on the record, multiple times and multiple ways. You ignore truth.
Truth exposes the failures of the prior judges. They have denied hearings and appeals. They ignored truth, too.
Injustice has terrorized the victim, but you decide to protect the judges from being exposed. By protecting their crimes, you think that you are doing the right thing. Protecting the integrity of the judiciary.
Truth. Integrity. Honor. Justice.
The realization that you have contributed to the injustice arrives with the Concise List. THE LIST IS VALID.
You now need to protect yourself, AND the other judges. You take actions to prevent your errors from being exposed. You know the information telling you exactly what can being challenged.
Cover. Prevent it. You already made your choice. Undo? Order? Cancel? Order? No Hearing? Order? Get help from someone? Call? Block. ORDER!
You are now working to survive an attack by the enemy, the Appellant, the Defendant, the victim… their victim.
There have been 18 judges before you on this divorce.
There has never been any resolution to any issue presented to the court.
The title bar of the web site says:
Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPS.
The man has survived 8 years of this. He’s defending himself against your actions. You resent him for trying to survive your mistake.
You no longer have the power to correct your error in judgment. The only thing you can do it prevent him from embarrassing you.
Do you suppose there was a reason you awarded them so much money?
OMG, Judge Carluccio had awarded the house, the money, everything. He got nothing. And the man said something about her proceeding not being proper because of the appeals, no hearings.
So, the order was void. If he gets it properly before a court it can be addressed.
He did get it before the court… and Judge Page completely ignored it.
It is documented everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Seriously, he wrote it everywhere. How did it get missed?
Do you suppose that Judge Carluccio did all of those things in the recusal petitions AFTER he wrote about it?
Angst & Angst will be back. They will take your mistake and leverage it against the next judge.

Judge Page, you issued a Court Order to protect yourself. IN WRITING! You violated more civil rights. AND, You are on the record. It requires me to petition for the information. Information you can’t / won’t produce. Information you will resent me for asking about.

Bear in mind the sociopath is enjoying your errors more with each subsequent error. You denied them from being the one to tell the victim about your actions.

AND… You have contacted the Court Reporters to prevent them from providing him information that they alone control.

Intimidation? Obstruction of Justice? Evidence Tampering?

Where did your integrity go? You had it? You thought you had integrity. This man was worried. He asked sincerely not intending to offend you. He knows what will be required of the person who can end this terror. He was worried. You thought you had it. He is trying to escape the injustice. You thought the others had it also. Your integrity would protect the judges who didn’t have it. Only to find out you didn’t have it either.
You have completely disregarded that your victim knew what was going to happen and acted as delicately and gently as he could to present it to you. You ignored the warning signs. You ignored the facts. You ignored the law. You ignored procedures. Everything he did was on the record, and without violating rules, ethics, etc. You ignored him. You ignored the truth.

The Court Reporters have been instructed to assure financial arrangements were made with me. The Court which had made me destitute and homeless and was ordering me to pay over $300,000 is very certain I have no money to pay for the transcripts. This was their deliberate intent.
Judge Page was certain that I could not pay the $300,000 he had ordered.
Judge Page does not understand that the sociopath lawyer in his courtroom is never satisfied unless the next action is prepared. I have learned to watch for it.

The sociopath thrives on the terror and damage of their actions.
The sociopath who bills $8,000 to file a court document falsely alleging the failure to return $750 worth of incidental items and gets awarded over $300,000.
The Defendant is homeless and destitute and has been unemployed since 2007.
And …
Judge Page also ordered the him to pay the legal fees.

So hard to persevere sometimes… So hard…

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