When the activity to hide the corruption is causing WAY MORE EXPOSURE than the orignal corruption, what is a judiciary to do?

Judge Page has issued an new order vacating his previous order which would have permitted me to obtain the transcripts to the hearings in the matter.

Um, yea… there’s a problem with doing that… well, there’s more than a few problems with doing that.

At this point I might remind anyone interested that I attempted to advise Judge Page that because of the extreme corruption involved in this matter, it would be difficult for him to follow law, procedure, and ethics. I believe I indicated that each judge had sacrificed their integrity to protect the integrity of a prior judges who lacked integrity.

Judge Page issued the latest order “upon good cause shown”. Not upon a hearing, or evidence, or anything according to procedure. Simply put, he just needed to undo that order on the pauper status before the court reporters produced the evidence against the prior judges. After working so hard to harass, terrorize and keep me destitute which prevented escalation and production of the transcripts, Judge Page’s verbal instruction to the court reporters to not follow his order of April 29, 2013 was going to raise some questions. Emails had already been exchanged. Notices with the Court were already filed and on the record.

I wonder if that “upon good cause shown” could possibly be his receipt of the CONCISE STATEMENTS OF ERRORS COMPLAINED OF ON APPEAL which had just been served upon him on Friday, May 17, 2013.

The statement needed to indicate all of the reasons for which I was appealing his order. Any issue which was not revealed to him about the appeal would be waived, so it was necessary to list every issue involved.

The statement explained that the Appeal would reveal his errors regarding his Order… that the Appeal would reveal his obstruction of justice in the matter… that the Appeal would reveal his participation in the corruption of this matter… and the corrupt actions of the prior judges. These actions are already part of the court record. BUT, it takes money to have the court reporters transcribe the proceedings. (Do you think that was why they made me destitute? Yea, it’s obvious. Do you suppose they don’t think I know that? Yea, they have greatly underestimated me. Even I didn’t realize that I was incapable of suicide. They were really pushing for that outcome.)

The statement also incorporated the CONCISE STATEMENT for the prior pending appeal which has been stalled pending the courts action to the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.

It is important to explain what has happened with the prior Appeal. Judge Carluccio left me homeless, destitute and threw out every possession in my home by issuing orders which were void. When the Appeal was filed concurrent with the pauper petition, Judge Carluccio ignored the petition. When the pauper petition was resubmitted/refiled, judge Carluccio ignored the petition. While I suppose she didn’t want to admit that she caused my destitute condition which I had filed for even before she assumed the matter. She did issue her void orders with no regard for procedure, law or jurisdiction. Her goal was to make sure I was destitute and unable to ever recover financially, and so personally and emotionally exhausted that I would ‘disappear”.gainst me

Ignoring the pauper petition was the only way to prevent the appeal from moving forward to Superior Court.
Once filed, the pauper petition, if GRANTED, allows the appeal to proceed to the Superior Court.
If DENIED, the denial permits an appeal of the pauper status issue to the Superior Court.
The only way to prevent the appeal is to ignore the litigant.
– Judge Kelly Wall held two hearings yet never issued a decision on the matter.
– Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio completely ignored the two unaddressed petition on her agenda and the two that were filed concurrently with the appeal of her orders. Judge Carluccio had acknowledged the appeal by demanding the statement of errors, yet never got around to that pauper hearing. And then she lied about ignoring the petitions. And then she continued to ignore the petitions and the appeal while issuing orders where she lacked any jurisdiction. (Carluccio also lied to the State Court Admin about the matter.)

At a time unknown to me, the case was assigned to Judge Haaz. After all of my recusal requests to Judge Carluccio,AND I wasn’t even notified that she was no longer involved. The two pending Petitions to Proceed in Forma Pauperis were now in Judge Haaz’ court.

BUT, the appeal was/is still pending… and it would be Angst & Angst’s attempt to enforce the void order based on a void order based on a void order which provided the opportunity for me to be ‘properly before the court’ to present the evidence of the defects in the orders. Sociopaths like the Angsts never give up.

Upon filing by Angst & Angst in May 2012, a proceeding was scheduled in July 2012 where I revealed that Angst & Angst had not served the Defendant with the petition; that Angst & Angst had secretly written to Judge Carluccio to resume responsibility for the matter; that Angst & Angst had also secretly written to Court Administration to have the matter reassigned to Judge Carluccio; that there was an Appeal pending on the matter… at which point Judge Haaz ordered a hearing to be scheduled on another date. A hearing would reveal the stalled appeal, and the nested void orders could be voided and stricken. Perhaps, when Judge Haaz realized the appeal was still pending, he recognized that he lacked jurisdiction to conduct any hearings, or take any action. The hearing was NOT SCHEDULED. I wrote directly to the Judge, Court Administration and Family Court Administration regarding the delay in scheduling. I WAS IGNORED.

BUT THEN, … AFTER 6 MONTHS, the matter was reassigned to Judge Page… AND SCHEDULED!?!?!? How were they going to prevent me from presenting the evidence if they held a hearing? How were they going to explain not scheduling that hearing ordered by Judge Haaz? How were they going to deal with exposure of the stalled proceedings?

I tried to warn Judge Page, but those petitions regarding reassignment are among those he deliberately ignored. I suppose he may have read them. NOW, I BET A RE-READ WOULD BE VERY RELEVANT. Too late, he underestimated me. He underestimated my integrity. He underestimated my honesty.

Regardless of what Judge Page would order, it would either expose the prior appeal OR provide a new opportunity for appeal of HIS decision. His absurd order for me to pay over $300,000 could only have been issued with the knowledge that it would be appealed. He ordered the bankrupt and homeless unemployed survivor of 8 years of injustice to pay a ridiculous penalty based on lies and perjured testimony of ONE PERSON. I suppose he underestimated that I was making certain to preserve all arguments for appeal if necessary (as any good litigant would do so). Angst & Angst ignored every issue I had presented regarding the defective orders and failure to follow procedure and law. It would seem that they failed to address ANY of the 11 statements in my Response & Counterpetition.

While Valerie Angst may have planned out how Judge Page was going to rule, could she truly have entirely dismissed that his order could be appealed??? Did she think everyone would be as corrupt as Judge Carluccio and obstruct the appeal from proceeding to the Superior Court???

And now, as Judge Page attempts to close that door to an appeal and obstruct access to supporting testimony, exhibits and evidence from being produced, HIS NEW ORDER HAS CAUSED ANOTHER DOOR TO BE OPENED. This will further reveal HIS deliberate malicious actions and intentional obstruction of justice and abuse of power under color of law.

When I typed the following statement, I meant it and realized it might come across as too rough. I am glad I did not delete it as it honestly conveys the emotion of trying to survive injustice and corruption.

“To be further terrorized by being ordered to provide an accounting which is already a part of the Court Record which has been summarily ignored for seven years only terrorizes me further. Imagine the rape victim being forced to tell each subsequent attacker about every thrust of the unending experience with the knowledge that the person you are telling is about to join the attack.”

Rape on, Judge Page… RAPE ON! BTW… you lack jurisdiction to issue that Vacate Order. The Appeal of that Order is coming. I tried to warn you that this case was going to test your integrity and ethics. Judge Page FAILED…. and his failure is bringing the curve down on the entire judiciary.

Order of 21 May 2013, tsk tsk tsk

NOTE: With the above written, I am sincerely in fear for my life. The only way to prevent exposure of their terroristic corruption is to eliminate their victim. I live in fear knowing that the victim of injustice live each day to be further victimized until the injustice ends.

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