They don’t see it.
They don’t hear it.
They don’t respond to it.
They don’t address it.
They don’t acknowledge it.
They don’t engage it.
They don’t explain it.
If they never had it, they never will.
Where it wasn’t, it cannot ever be.
It can cause the complicity of others.
They are powerless without it.
It’s an illusion.
It’s ALWAYS there in their mind.
It’s their imaginary friend, you cannot ask about.
It is the source of their power.
It is a source of their comfort.
It is their addiction.
It is such an important and essential part of them, their power, they can’t imagine being without it.
When they are without it, they will ignore that they are without it.
People enable their delusion referring to them in respectful ways even when they do the most distasteful things
They will act as though they have it,
and become very afraid that it’s not there.
They will never consider for a moment that they don’t have it.
It lets them think that they have the power to control you.

You are permitted to challenge it at any time, because without it,…
it is such an absolutely essential part of what give them their power.
(AND They can’t really imagine being without it, that’s why they ignore that concept entirely.)
Without it, they are powerless.
Without it, they are vulnerable.
Without it, their actions are criminal. And their involvement of others in their actions are equally criminal.

I have learned first hand that it is Judicial Kryptonite.
To mention it in a courtroom… or in a petition… or in any court document.
Any reference to it will result in ” “.
If you attempt to have someone testify to it, there will be an OBJECTION. It will be sustained.
They find such comfort in it, that they will never admit when they do not have it.


In my case, each malicious judicial action lacked one thing. The judge lacked the jurisdiction to act. The judge had other people do their dirty work. That made the other person just as responsible for the act. A judge without jurisdiction is a danger to everyone and themselves.

When jurisdiction is challenged it must be addressed by the Court.
A Judge who neglects to address a question of jurisdiction… doesn’t have it, can’t get it retroactively, acts without it criminally, can’t imagine where it went, will retailate at the inquiry, will fear the discovery, will conceal the failure, and will do everything possible to avoid the repercussions.
They will even go so far as to destroy everything about you to protect themselves, and prevent you from forcing them to acknowledge that it was not there.

But where it was not, it can never be. It is open for challenge at any time.

In my case there was only one judge who took immediate action to assure he had jurisdiction. When raised, he immediately set to the task of assuring it was there. And that it would be there. It meant something to him. He addressed it immediately. He didn’t have to pretend. Without it, he wouldn’t show up to work or order you to show up either. Even when he ordered a hearing to be scheduled. The lack of jurisdiction prevented any action.

I always wondered if Judge Haaz took disciplinary action against the attorneys who attempted to have him act without jurisdiction. Each of the other judges fell into their jurisdictional trap every time. Evil manipulative criminal Angsts.

The sociopath lawyers who leveraged the lack of jurisdiction and were rewarded. The sociopath lawyers who flaunted deliberate and intentional actions to demonstrate the lack of jurisdiction of the judiciary knowing that the judge would conceal their actions and reward them. There was no limit to the actions that the conspiracy of corrupt judiciary and sociopath lawyers would deliver to their victim. They attacked, destroyed and intruded into every aspect of his life determined to undermine and annihilate every nuance.

Judge Page failed to acknowledge his lack of jurisdiction.


He obstinately refused to acknowledge that he had no jurisdiction. He knew because the petitions weren’t even signed. He knew even before I raised the challenge. Once the challenge was raised he acknowledged in a query “Well if that were true, I would not have jurisdiction.” He did not have jurisdiction, but he couldn’t let it go. He just couldn’t admit to himself that he didn’t have it. And for my posing the challenge he issued his absurd order without jurisdiction for over $300,000 from the unemployed man, made destitute without jurisdiction, made homeless without jurisdiction, where his entire life had been destroyed by an assembly of power junkies who just couldn’t acknowledge their kryptonite.

An action of fraud by Judge Rhonda Daniele perpetuated and hidden for years by all of the judges caused an overall lack of jurisdiction. And where it did not exist, it cannot be provided retroactively under any condition. They never addressed any of my petitions or statements or issues. It wasn’t being ignored. They simply refused to acknowledge that anyone who could suggest their power was not evident was not worth their consideration.

Fraud voids. Lack of jurisdiction voids.

An intervention for the addicts who knowingly and deliberately deny people of life and liberty while perpetrating an elaborate delusion to justifies their abuse of power, fraud, corruption, intimidation and excessively criminal terroristic actions of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

I will provide them the opportunity to admit publicly and address their pervasive delusions of jurisdiction as the Defendants in a Federal abuse of power under color of law case that will expose their manipulative and criminal misuse of every department in the county to terrorize me. Each becoming a co-conspirator to their crimes.

The Orders issued in the matter of Healy v Healy are a nullity. They are void ab initio. They never had any validity because they never existed. Void Orders do not exist.

The terror inflicted and the damages done by the delusional judiciary is real. Time to address the reality.

A word to the judiciary. RESIGN.

I am coming legally and your immunity is lost in the void of your corruption and fraud. Lost in your response to the leverage of lawyers rewarded for each terror you inflicted. In a delusional game of destruction of every aspect of a man’s life where there was no escape. The survivor victimized for surviving further necessitating the continued persistent and constant fraud of lawyers and judges who lacked more than the jurisdiction required for their activities. They lacked any moral or ethical ideals. They lacked honor. They permitted, acknowledged, endorsed, enabled, and infected an unfathomable lack of conscience upon a judicial system, a law enforcement system, on the very people who had placed their trust in them. Perpetrating an illusion of justice where there was only deceit, fraud and tremendous corruption and terroristic actions.

You lacked Jurisdiction. You lacked Power. You lacked Immunity.

I am seeking reparations for the terror inflicted every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year since your illegal, unethical and immoral intrusion into my life in 2007 under color of law.

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