It has been unending. Constant. The damage done is unimaginable and unstoppable.

No one will permit me to escape their terror.

No one can imagine the reality of their actions.

It has been ongoing since 2007.

Everyone in a position to help has been manipulated into a liability that prevents any resolution.

A Judge who neglects to address a question of jurisdiction… doesn’t have it, can’t get it retroactively, acts without it criminally, can’t imagine where it went, will retailate at the inquiry, will fear the discovery, will conceal the failure, and will do everything possible to avoid the repercussions.
They will even go so far as to destroy everything about you to protect themselves, and prevent you from forcing them to acknowledge that it was not there.

The judges, lawyers, and every level of law enforcement have actively witnessed, investigated, engaged and then participated in the activity to obstruct, conceal and prevent any justice for a man who has somehow survived their deliberate intentional undeniable malicious terroristic corruption and abuse of power under color of law.

I recognized in August 2007, that they had created a situation which could only end in two possible ways.
1) exposure/prosecution of their corruption.
2) my death.

As I have been unable to achieve #1 and incapable of #2, I must endure further injustice and terror each day as their corruption grows.

I cry and beg for the strength to persevere another day.

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