Civil Docketing Statement with Superior Court Of Pennsylvania Filed
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On May 30, 2013, the following document was presented at the Prothonotary of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania…

…In an action to enforce an order where the court lacked jurisdiction, the court failed to address the lack of jurisdiction to deny, obstruct and conceal prior jurisdictional issues and failures during the pendancy of an Appeal.

Documents included:
– Civil Docketing Statement
– Order April 3, 2013
– Notice of Appeal filed April 26, 2013, docketed April 29, 2013
– Concise Statement of Errors Complained of On Appeal

Additional Documents included:
– Transmittal
– Notice of Appeal filed August 15, 2011
– Concise Statement of Errors Complained of On Appeal
– Notice of Appeal (Refused)
– Prothonotary Notice of Refusal
– Defendants Statement in Absence of Transcript
– Petition for Production of Evidence of “Good Cause Shown”
– Petition to Schedule a Hearing on Ex Parte Order of May 21, 2013
– Petition Requesting Explanation and Reason for the Prothonotary’s Failure to Act on Appeal filed August 15, 2011

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