May 28, 2013

Montgomery County Courthouse
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404

To the Judiciary of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

You have been terrorizing me for pointing out your deliberate failures to follow law and procedure for over 8 years now.

You ignore that you lack jurisdiction and authority to issue court orders. You then aggressively prevent hearings and block appeals to Superior Court.

When the defects and fraudulent orders are presented, you choose to enforce them with extreme malice instead of simply addressing the errors. You fail to address your errors and don’t just shoot the messenger… you annihilate every aspect of his very existence.

You pretend that the prior judges acted within the law and procedure, when you know that you are about to issue orders without any regard for law and procedure AND your order will be added when the next judge reviews the list of prior orders where defects and civil rights will continue to be ignored.

Healy v Healy #2007-12477 has been before 18 judges since 2007. Each judge acting, or failing to act, with the deliberate intent to deny, prevent or obstruct any justice.

The victim left with no choice but to defend following law and procedures which the judges further ignore without consequence.

Any action which exposes the corruption is immediately attacked, prevented or concealed. Any order by a judge which would indirectly result in the exposure of corruption is revoked, ignored or not enforced.

You, the Judges of Montgomery County, have caused the situation. Presentation of the injustice exposes the actions used to conceal the prior corruption. Judicial retaliation is quick. The penalties are extreme and irreparable.

I have no choice. I persevere. I seek an escape which the judiciary will not permit. I am trapped in the cycle of inescapable harassment and terror, and further victimized at each attempt to escape.

So I ask the judges of Montgomery County…


When did it become appropriate and acceptable for judges to destroy victims of their errors? to destroy their families, to destroy their personal, professional and financial existences, to destroy every aspect of their lives?

The judiciary has become an organization which coordinates and conspires to conceal errors and injustices. The victim of the injustice must return to the court to resolve defects and errors, and in doing so causes the corruption to be further exposed by the evidence of it’s actions. The Court has failed to hear petitions. Orders are not issued, or are deliberately void or voidable, or reference incorrect information and case law citations. Appeals are prevented, denied and ignored.

Their bad decision ends for the judge when they exit the courtroom. The judge has power to address, correct and resolve any error should the judge so choose.

The victim of injustice returns home, where the callous actions to ignore or conceal or prevent resolution affects them for the rest of their lives ever mindful of the hopelessness of not being permitted to resolve the injustice. Any explanation of the injustice to family and friends further humiliates, undermines and demoralizes the victim.

Why would you act to deny and prevent anyone from appealing to Superior Court?
– If you have acted appropriately, there is little consequence for you from an appeal.
– If you have err’d, the victim of that error deserves the opportunity to correct your error and resolve the issue. There is little consequence for the judge when an appeal is granted.

Why are you acting to ensure the victim of your actions will suffer your injustice for the rest of their lives with no possibility for relief?

If you are acting to protect the integrity of the judiciary, you will likely soon discover that your integrity is sacrificed in the action.

So really…

What do you honestly expect a person to do when you will not permit them any resolution or escape?

Hon. William J. Furber, Jr.
Hon. Rhonda Lee Daniele
Hon. Emanuel A.Bertin
Hon. Thomas M. DelRicci
Hon. R. Stephen Barrett
Hon. Arthur R. Tilson
Hon. Garrett D. Page
Hon. Kelly C. Wall
Hon. Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio
Hon. Wendy Demchick-Alloy
Hon. Patricia E. Coonahan
Hon. Richard P. Haaz
Hon. Cheryl L. Austin
Hon. S. Gerald Corso
Hon. Kent H. Albright
Michael R. Kehs, Esq, Court Administrator
Mark Levy, Prothonotary
Sheriff Eileen Whalon Behr
Risa Vetri Ferman, District Attorney
Sara Goren, DRO
Mindy Harris, DRO
Meg Blatman, DRO
Andrew Gilmartin, DRO
Bruce Goldenberg,
Gordon Mair
W. Byron Battle, RPR

If you are offended by my use of the ‘F’ word and choose to completely dismiss this letter, you may be interested in reading the entire experience. You may find that you would have used it sooner and more often. I believe the word is appropriate and necessary in this context.
Only in the Family Courts can someone who has committed no crime lose everything.
Documented at A TERRORISTIC DIVORCE www.work2bdone.com/live

This letter to the judiciary of Montgomery County was filed with the Prothonotary, hand delivered to Sheriff Eileen Behr, and individual stapled copies for each cc; were left with the Mailroom for delivery. The 3 pages were not placed in any envelope. This was all done intentionally to avoid false allegations of imagined threats.

The following is a list of some of the techniques used by judges in this matter.

1. Ignore the Law
2. Cite Invalid Law
3. Ignore the Facts
4. Ignore Issues
5. Conceal Evidence
6. Say Nothing in Orders
7. Block Filing of Motions and Evidence
8. Tamper with Evidence
9. Deny Constitutional Rights
10. Violate and Ignore the Rules of Civil Procedure
11. Automatically Rule against Certain Classes of People
12. Order Monetary Sanctions against Parties they want to Damage
13. Refuse to Disqualify Themselves
14. Violate their Oath of Office and the Code of Judicial Conduct
15. Conspire with Fellow Judges and Judicial Employees
16. Allow Perjury
17. Deny Hearings
18. Practice Simulated Litigation
19. Dismiss Cases or Grant Summary Judgments
20. Don’t Publish the Improper Orders

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