There are times when the judges of Montgomery County, PA have deliberately taken action in violation of law and procedure knowing it will cause such a volume of research, documentation and effort that it will require hours to attempt to address. They cover their errors with civil rights violations and a complete disregard for the law and procedures.

It is the litigants who must point out, document and present the errors. Litigants must then wait until they can get on the judge’s calendar. You must try to survive even when the Judge’s error affects you every minute of every day. It is important to note that THEY DO NOT CARE. THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE. YOU MEAN NOTHING TO THEM. THE DAMAGE THEY CAUSE DOES NOT CONCERN THEM.

Judge who make an error are often not able to fixing their mess. A new judge is assigned. The new judge will not correct the errors of the prior judge. They won’t even consider it. They do this under the guise of respect for each other. But, they do not wish to embarass each other by exposing the mistakes. THEY DON’T CARE WHAT THEIR ERROR DOES TO YOU, or your family. THEY DO NOT CARE if their error will affect you for the rest of your life.

It is necessary to understand that judge’s will retaliate against anyone who point out their mistake. Even if their mistake has caused personal, professional or financial harm for their victim. The victim will be further victimized for attempting to address their mistake.

I came to the conclusion years ago. They also have no intention of ever letting you free of their grasp. If you have evidence you will never escape. They need to keep the people with proof in litigation.

The judges have failed to see me as a person. I am the DEFENDANT, their target, their victim.

I have documented the violations and errors, but there is no one to stop their corruption.
No one to require judges to follow the law. No one checks their work.

If a courthouse employee unintentionally reveals the error of a judge, they are affected, fired, demoted, no longer contracted.


The Judges force the courthouse staff to lie to conceal their misdeeds. The court staff is in such fear of saying the wrong thing to people, they say nothing. The courthouse staff knows who the targeted people are and say as little as possible speaking only when required.

With each trying to cause the other to commit mistakes which can be used to extort ruling in their favor, the judges and lawyers are truly the most hateful people in the court. Even though they hate each other, they conceal the crimes of each other… so they can use the information as leverage later. A truly hateful environment. A great place for a sociopath to watch their activities affect and hurt as many people as possibble

There will never be a time when they stop terrorizing me. They took everything. I have nothing left. Every aspect of my life has been annihilated. My entire family is gone. No one speaks with anyone.

When I think I have survived… they come back. They won’t let it end.

The terrorist judges of the Montgomery County Judiciary do not take responsibility for their actions.
The victim of their injustice, intentional or accidental actions, will never recover.
They will never let you.

I have heard “They can’t do that” from so many people. BUT THEY DID. THEY CAN.


I think it is time to organize the victims of the Montgomery County Family Court and demand the court be held responbsible. Their errors are ignored. Their crimes are not prosecuted. Their victims have no opportunity for escape.

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