It was brought to my attention by the Court Reporters office that they had been contacted verbally by Judge Garrett Page and instructed to ignore my request for the production of transcripts.

Clearly, this is obstruction of justice, intimidation, and abuse of power under color of law.

A court reporter who does not follow a judge’s ‘suggestion’ will likely find they are not required or scheduled for work.

Judge Page does not have any jurisdiction on the case while it is on appeal.

Judge Page is acting ‘off the record’ to exert influence, intimidate and obstruct justice.

While I recognize that even in the US judges get away with these types of abuses, I will document and present the action to local, state and federal authorities.

It never ceases to amaze me how these crimes are ignored. How every action I take with regard to following the law, and legal procedures is undermined by the unethical behavior by the judiciary, the lawyers, and the courthouse staff who only want to keep their jobs.

The terrorists on the Montgomery County bench need to be prosecuted.

17 judges. 8 years. 1 Terroristic Divorce.

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