Civil Docketing Statement with Superior Court Of Pennsylvania Filed
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On May 30, 2013, the following document was presented at the Prothonotary of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania…

…In an action to enforce an order where the court lacked jurisdiction, the court failed to address the lack of jurisdiction to deny, obstruct and conceal prior jurisdictional issues and failures during the pendancy of an Appeal.

Documents included:
– Civil Docketing Statement
– Order April 3, 2013
– Notice of Appeal filed April 26, 2013, docketed April 29, 2013
– Concise Statement of Errors Complained of On Appeal

Additional Documents included:
– Transmittal
– Notice of Appeal filed August 15, 2011
– Concise Statement of Errors Complained of On Appeal
– Notice of Appeal (Refused)
– Prothonotary Notice of Refusal
– Defendants Statement in Absence of Transcript
– Petition for Production of Evidence of “Good Cause Shown”
– Petition to Schedule a Hearing on Ex Parte Order of May 21, 2013
– Petition Requesting Explanation and Reason for the Prothonotary’s Failure to Act on Appeal filed August 15, 2011


It has been unending. Constant. The damage done is unimaginable and unstoppable.

No one will permit me to escape their terror.

No one can imagine the reality of their actions.

It has been ongoing since 2007.

Everyone in a position to help has been manipulated into a liability that prevents any resolution.

A Judge who neglects to address a question of jurisdiction… doesn’t have it, can’t get it retroactively, acts without it criminally, can’t imagine where it went, will retailate at the inquiry, will fear the discovery, will conceal the failure, and will do everything possible to avoid the repercussions.
They will even go so far as to destroy everything about you to protect themselves, and prevent you from forcing them to acknowledge that it was not there.

The judges, lawyers, and every level of law enforcement have actively witnessed, investigated, engaged and then participated in the activity to obstruct, conceal and prevent any justice for a man who has somehow survived their deliberate intentional undeniable malicious terroristic corruption and abuse of power under color of law.

I recognized in August 2007, that they had created a situation which could only end in two possible ways.
1) exposure/prosecution of their corruption.
2) my death.

As I have been unable to achieve #1 and incapable of #2, I must endure further injustice and terror each day as their corruption grows.

I cry and beg for the strength to persevere another day.


They don’t see it.
They don’t hear it.
They don’t respond to it.
They don’t address it.
They don’t acknowledge it.
They don’t engage it.
They don’t explain it.
If they never had it, they never will.
Where it wasn’t, it cannot ever be.
It can cause the complicity of others.
They are powerless without it.
It’s an illusion.
It’s ALWAYS there in their mind.
It’s their imaginary friend, you cannot ask about.
It is the source of their power.
It is a source of their comfort.
It is their addiction.
It is such an important and essential part of them, their power, they can’t imagine being without it.
When they are without it, they will ignore that they are without it.
People enable their delusion referring to them in respectful ways even when they do the most distasteful things
They will act as though they have it,
and become very afraid that it’s not there.
They will never consider for a moment that they don’t have it.
It lets them think that they have the power to control you.

You are permitted to challenge it at any time, because without it,…
it is such an absolutely essential part of what give them their power.
(AND They can’t really imagine being without it, that’s why they ignore that concept entirely.)
Without it, they are powerless.
Without it, they are vulnerable.
Without it, their actions are criminal. And their involvement of others in their actions are equally criminal.

I have learned first hand that it is Judicial Kryptonite.
To mention it in a courtroom… or in a petition… or in any court document.
Any reference to it will result in ” “.
If you attempt to have someone testify to it, there will be an OBJECTION. It will be sustained.
They find such comfort in it, that they will never admit when they do not have it.


In my case, each malicious judicial action lacked one thing. The judge lacked the jurisdiction to act. The judge had other people do their dirty work. That made the other person just as responsible for the act. A judge without jurisdiction is a danger to everyone and themselves.

When jurisdiction is challenged it must be addressed by the Court.
A Judge who neglects to address a question of jurisdiction… doesn’t have it, can’t get it retroactively, acts without it criminally, can’t imagine where it went, will retailate at the inquiry, will fear the discovery, will conceal the failure, and will do everything possible to avoid the repercussions.
They will even go so far as to destroy everything about you to protect themselves, and prevent you from forcing them to acknowledge that it was not there.

But where it was not, it can never be. It is open for challenge at any time.

In my case there was only one judge who took immediate action to assure he had jurisdiction. When raised, he immediately set to the task of assuring it was there. And that it would be there. It meant something to him. He addressed it immediately. He didn’t have to pretend. Without it, he wouldn’t show up to work or order you to show up either. Even when he ordered a hearing to be scheduled. The lack of jurisdiction prevented any action.

I always wondered if Judge Haaz took disciplinary action against the attorneys who attempted to have him act without jurisdiction. Each of the other judges fell into their jurisdictional trap every time. Evil manipulative criminal Angsts.

The sociopath lawyers who leveraged the lack of jurisdiction and were rewarded. The sociopath lawyers who flaunted deliberate and intentional actions to demonstrate the lack of jurisdiction of the judiciary knowing that the judge would conceal their actions and reward them. There was no limit to the actions that the conspiracy of corrupt judiciary and sociopath lawyers would deliver to their victim. They attacked, destroyed and intruded into every aspect of his life determined to undermine and annihilate every nuance.

Judge Page failed to acknowledge his lack of jurisdiction.


He obstinately refused to acknowledge that he had no jurisdiction. He knew because the petitions weren’t even signed. He knew even before I raised the challenge. Once the challenge was raised he acknowledged in a query “Well if that were true, I would not have jurisdiction.” He did not have jurisdiction, but he couldn’t let it go. He just couldn’t admit to himself that he didn’t have it. And for my posing the challenge he issued his absurd order without jurisdiction for over $300,000 from the unemployed man, made destitute without jurisdiction, made homeless without jurisdiction, where his entire life had been destroyed by an assembly of power junkies who just couldn’t acknowledge their kryptonite.

An action of fraud by Judge Rhonda Daniele perpetuated and hidden for years by all of the judges caused an overall lack of jurisdiction. And where it did not exist, it cannot be provided retroactively under any condition. They never addressed any of my petitions or statements or issues. It wasn’t being ignored. They simply refused to acknowledge that anyone who could suggest their power was not evident was not worth their consideration.

Fraud voids. Lack of jurisdiction voids.

An intervention for the addicts who knowingly and deliberately deny people of life and liberty while perpetrating an elaborate delusion to justifies their abuse of power, fraud, corruption, intimidation and excessively criminal terroristic actions of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

I will provide them the opportunity to admit publicly and address their pervasive delusions of jurisdiction as the Defendants in a Federal abuse of power under color of law case that will expose their manipulative and criminal misuse of every department in the county to terrorize me. Each becoming a co-conspirator to their crimes.

The Orders issued in the matter of Healy v Healy are a nullity. They are void ab initio. They never had any validity because they never existed. Void Orders do not exist.

The terror inflicted and the damages done by the delusional judiciary is real. Time to address the reality.

A word to the judiciary. RESIGN.

I am coming legally and your immunity is lost in the void of your corruption and fraud. Lost in your response to the leverage of lawyers rewarded for each terror you inflicted. In a delusional game of destruction of every aspect of a man’s life where there was no escape. The survivor victimized for surviving further necessitating the continued persistent and constant fraud of lawyers and judges who lacked more than the jurisdiction required for their activities. They lacked any moral or ethical ideals. They lacked honor. They permitted, acknowledged, endorsed, enabled, and infected an unfathomable lack of conscience upon a judicial system, a law enforcement system, on the very people who had placed their trust in them. Perpetrating an illusion of justice where there was only deceit, fraud and tremendous corruption and terroristic actions.

You lacked Jurisdiction. You lacked Power. You lacked Immunity.

I am seeking reparations for the terror inflicted every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year since your illegal, unethical and immoral intrusion into my life in 2007 under color of law.


When Judge Page was cornered by his absurd order being the subject of a Notice of Appeal, he refused to hear my Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.
Judge Bertin refused.
Judge Austin refused.
NO JUDGE willing to hear the Petition.
At the end of the day, Judge Page signed the Order without a hearing.
It was his order to pay over $300,000 in penalties that was being challenged in the appeal.

April 30, 2013 – I present the Order granting permission to proceed in forma pauperis to the Court Reporter office and coordinate arrangements for the documents to be provided. I was leaving for my father’s funeral the next day and would be out of town for a week.

Later in the week, I contact the Court Reporter office to indicate the hearings required and determine the associated court reporter.

May 15, 2013 – A confirming Request for the Production of Transcripts was filed with the Prothonotary and the Court Reporter Office was notified to assist with coordination of the documents. The document listed each of the hearings and the associated court reporter. It referenced the permission to proceed “in forma pauperis” specifically indicating “cost of transcripts” which would compensate the court reporter for their effort.

May 17, 2013 – As required, I prepare, file, deliver and serve to Judge Page a “Concise List of Errors Complained of On Appeal”. This document MUST include every issue involved in the appeal. If the issue is not included, it may not be addressed in the Appeal. It also may NEVER be included in ANY appeal, Ever. You waive your right to appeal by failing to include issues in this document.

To my knowledge what happened next was that Judge Page began calling the court reporters instructing them to ignore my request for transcripts.

I first learn of this when I get a message from Byron Battle, Chief Court Reporter.

I return Byron’s call. He is questioning the validity of the Order. I had given them a copy of the order on April 30, 2013. It was also on the court docket. It clearly indicated and included “cost of transcripts”. The hearing transcripts requested were directly related to the issues of the appeal.

Judge Page had signed the Order.
(1) Not a forgery.
(2) He issued a subsequent order so he acknowledged it.
(3) Handwritten.
(4) It looked like Judge Page’s Orders usually did.
(5) Judge Page’s Orders always looked as if they were written on scrap paper.
(6) rarely, if ever, titled with the proper citations.
(7) never had the litigants names and titles correct.
(8) It was hand delivered to me by Court Administration.
(9) ODDLY: The VACATE Order does not look anything like prior Orders written by Judge Page.
Would another judge have issued the VACATE order and attributed it to Judge Page?
No ethics, No integrity… Totally possible.
The judges have already proven they are corrupt to the point of destroying every aspect of a person… pushing him to suicide.
Forging a Court Order to cover their asses?
No Shame, No Responsibility… Totally possible.
It is already proven that judges conceal the errors of other judges without regard for the damage caused.

The only thing more absurd than his ordering me to pay over $300,000 was that he did not anticipate the appeal and know the issues it would include.

Judge Page had held the hearings in February and issued the order which was being challenged in the Appeal.
He was very aware of the prior proceedings involved in his order.
The “Concise list” informed Judge Page of the issues.
He had deliberately neglected to address the issues directly in his Order.
Deliberately neglecting the clear lack of jurisdiction
The issues had been presented at EVERY opportunity… and ignored.
– Listed in the Appeal filed August 15, 2011.
– Listed in the Concise Statement of Errors Complained of On Appeal filed September 19, 2011.
– Listed in the Response & Counterpetition filed July 10, 2012
– Listed in the Objection to Reassignment filed December 28, 2012
– Listed in the Letter requesting a Continuance of the January 17, 2013 proceeding. (DENIED)
– Recited in person on January 17, 2013
(In denying the continuance which I had requested as my father was dying, Judge Page ordered me to appear in his courtroom at 9AM the next morning. He arrived at 10AM. His ‘unintentional rescheduling’ of the 1:30 PM proceeding to 9AM necessitated the continuance of the 1:30PM hearing to February 11, 2013.)
– Listed in opening remarks on February 11, 2013.
– Listed in opening remarks on February 20, 2013.
– Listed, Presented, Recited into the court record, Cross referenced with the Docket, Summarized, Testified, Entered and Accepted as Exhibits on February 20, 2013
– Listed in the Request for Accounting filed on February 27, 2013
– Listed in the Notice of Appeal filed April 26, 2013, docketed on April 29, 2013
– Listed in the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis Petition filed on April 29, 2013,

Speaking with Byron later in the week, I learned that Judge Page has VACATED the Order in writing… without notice… without any proceeding… violation of procedure. violation of law. violation of ethics. violation of civil rights. violation of constitutional rights. If it were meant to stop me, why would he do everything the wrong way? It is meant to distract. To cause you to lose focus. To cause you to lose hope. To cause you to feel terrorized. To provoke. All he need do is intimidate the Court Reporters. The vacate order is singularly directed to prevent their efforts. AND ONE OTHER THING
It prevents the delivery of the Appeal filed August 15, 2011 from being transmitted to the Superior Court by the Prothonotary. Too late, the question was asked as to why the Appeal was not TRANSMITTED.


Causing Another Appeal? That will be three Appeals nested within each other.
Another IFP required to file it. And no judge will sign it.

I am seeking this to Appeal the absurd Enforcement Order of a void order based on a void order based on a void order based on a void and defective divorce decree which is being appealed.

Petitions trying to obtain the non-existent supporting evidence. More complaints about not holding hearings. An Ex Parte Order without a scheduled hearing. Demand testimony by Judge Page’s imaginary friends who provided the very reliable information… which they cannot testify to… or provide as an exhibit… because it will reveal they have been manipulating the judges to corruption in this case… HOLY SHIT!!! THEY HAVE DONE IT AGAIN.
It would be funny if it wasn’t so perpetual.

Welcome to the nightmare of being manipulated by Angst & Angst.
You will be leveraged, and manipulated until you no longer see that the man who stands before you is the victim.
You have been presented with the truth, on the record, multiple times and multiple ways. You ignore truth.
Truth exposes the failures of the prior judges. They have denied hearings and appeals. They ignored truth, too.
Injustice has terrorized the victim, but you decide to protect the judges from being exposed. By protecting their crimes, you think that you are doing the right thing. Protecting the integrity of the judiciary.
Truth. Integrity. Honor. Justice.
The realization that you have contributed to the injustice arrives with the Concise List. THE LIST IS VALID.
You now need to protect yourself, AND the other judges. You take actions to prevent your errors from being exposed. You know the information telling you exactly what can being challenged.
Cover. Prevent it. You already made your choice. Undo? Order? Cancel? Order? No Hearing? Order? Get help from someone? Call? Block. ORDER!
You are now working to survive an attack by the enemy, the Appellant, the Defendant, the victim… their victim.
There have been 18 judges before you on this divorce.
There has never been any resolution to any issue presented to the court.
The title bar of the web site says:
Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPS.
The man has survived 8 years of this. He’s defending himself against your actions. You resent him for trying to survive your mistake.
You no longer have the power to correct your error in judgment. The only thing you can do it prevent him from embarrassing you.
Do you suppose there was a reason you awarded them so much money?
OMG, Judge Carluccio had awarded the house, the money, everything. He got nothing. And the man said something about her proceeding not being proper because of the appeals, no hearings.
So, the order was void. If he gets it properly before a court it can be addressed.
He did get it before the court… and Judge Page completely ignored it.
It is documented everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Seriously, he wrote it everywhere. How did it get missed?
Do you suppose that Judge Carluccio did all of those things in the recusal petitions AFTER he wrote about it?
Angst & Angst will be back. They will take your mistake and leverage it against the next judge.

Judge Page, you issued a Court Order to protect yourself. IN WRITING! You violated more civil rights. AND, You are on the record. It requires me to petition for the information. Information you can’t / won’t produce. Information you will resent me for asking about.

Bear in mind the sociopath is enjoying your errors more with each subsequent error. You denied them from being the one to tell the victim about your actions.

AND… You have contacted the Court Reporters to prevent them from providing him information that they alone control.

Intimidation? Obstruction of Justice? Evidence Tampering?

Where did your integrity go? You had it? You thought you had integrity. This man was worried. He asked sincerely not intending to offend you. He knows what will be required of the person who can end this terror. He was worried. You thought you had it. He is trying to escape the injustice. You thought the others had it also. Your integrity would protect the judges who didn’t have it. Only to find out you didn’t have it either.
You have completely disregarded that your victim knew what was going to happen and acted as delicately and gently as he could to present it to you. You ignored the warning signs. You ignored the facts. You ignored the law. You ignored procedures. Everything he did was on the record, and without violating rules, ethics, etc. You ignored him. You ignored the truth.

The Court Reporters have been instructed to assure financial arrangements were made with me. The Court which had made me destitute and homeless and was ordering me to pay over $300,000 is very certain I have no money to pay for the transcripts. This was their deliberate intent.
Judge Page was certain that I could not pay the $300,000 he had ordered.
Judge Page does not understand that the sociopath lawyer in his courtroom is never satisfied unless the next action is prepared. I have learned to watch for it.

The sociopath thrives on the terror and damage of their actions.
The sociopath who bills $8,000 to file a court document falsely alleging the failure to return $750 worth of incidental items and gets awarded over $300,000.
The Defendant is homeless and destitute and has been unemployed since 2007.
And …
Judge Page also ordered the him to pay the legal fees.

So hard to persevere sometimes… So hard…


On May 28, 2013, I went to the Montgomery County Courthouse for the following:

1.) Meeting with Sheriff Eileen Behr.
2.) File and present “Letter to the Judiciary”
3.) File Notice of Appeal (re: Order of May 21, 2013 Judge Garrett Page)
4.) File Petition for Production of “Good Cause Shown”
5.) File Petition to Schedule a Hearing on Ex Parte Order of May 21, 2013
6.) File Petition Requesting Explanation and Reason for the Prothonotary’s Failure to Act on the Appeal Filed August 15, 2011
7.) File Defendant’s Statement in Absence of Transcript (re: Order of May 21, 2013 Judge Garrett Page)

The meeting with Sheriff Behr was the result of a chance meeting in the courthouse last week where I mentioned that she had been avoiding addressing my situation and questions for quite some time. The meeting was an opportunity for her to put a face on my situation. To see the person, the individual, the victim of extreme corruption, destruction and terror. Where every question asked remained unanswered. Where law remained ignored. Where procedures were not followed. Where every person to who I had turned for help never helped. When one big simple question was posed, on presentation of the immediate answer, the expression on Sheriff Behr’s face was clearly genuine. Honest. Indicative. The initial answer indicated that “no answer is available”. At the end of the meeting we resolved to get the answer to the question.

The “Letter to the Judiciary” was filed with the Prothonotary and delivered to the mailroom for distribution. I wanted the judges to recognize that their participation in my destruction was no small thing to me. Their collective “wink wink injustice” was/is inescapable, life-threatening and terrifying and constant.

The NEW Notice of Appeal was NOT ACCEPTED at the Prothonotary. I had been granted “pauper” status when an Appeal was filed on April 26, docketed on April 29. The required paperwork was served, requested and ordered in accordance with published procedure. The ‘concise statement’ was filed and served revealing the basis of the Appeal.

Judge Page immediately
(1) without any proceeding,
(2) acting outside of procedure and law,
(3) illegally,
(4) unethically and
(5) deliberately,
(6) conspired
(7) to obstruct justice and
(8) conceal evidence through
(9) intimidation and
(10) abuse of power
(11) under color of law.
revoked the “pauper” status granted to permit the appeal of his ‘absurd’ Order of April 3, 2013.

His action granting the status had immediately provided access to further evidence which exposed his order was ‘void ab initio’ AND exposed the obstructive actions preventing an Appeal filed August 15, 2011 where the Prothonotary neglects to prepare and transmit an Appeal filed August 15, 2011 to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

The Prothonotary would not accept a NEW Notice of Appeal without “in forma pauperis” status. You can’t appeal the denial of IFP status without IFP status? A knowledgeable employee of the Prothonotary is compelled by the direction of the elected official to deny constitutionally protected rights.

I am not certain who felt worse. It was not fair… him… in that position. Again. I’m sorry for what they did to you. The Courthouse Code of Ethical Conduct prevents the knowledgeable employee from any revealing action. He is afraid to speak. Any contact with me places him at risk. A courthouse deputy confirmed a previous situation was ‘handled’ as I had suspected. The Court Reporters were similarly ‘handled’. Intimidation is a very destructive and demoralizing thing. The people who see, hear and read about the deliberate and destructive abuse of judicial power every day know the active destructive inescapable malice of a corrupt judiciary.

The petitions were filed.

A copy of the NOTICE OF APPEAL was delivered to Judge Page’s chambers.

Judge Page had fair warning. I had filed my objections to the reassignment of the case. Instead of considering my fears of what could happen should there be further integrity issues, Judge Page ignored my concerns. I can’t cause a judge to have integrity, but I could warn him that if he had none, he was going to demonstrate it. I have tried to prevent another judge falling victim to their corruption and further victimizing me.

In 15 minutes or less, in July 2012, Judge Haaz had demonstrated integrity which was powerful enough to stop the continuing terror against me. The hearing he ordered was prevented from the schedule. I think he may have acted… done something. There had to be a reason that Valerie Angst did not want him. He stands out as the ONLY JUDGE TO DO NO HARM to the situation. His Order to schedule a hearing put the case in check. If he had held the hearing, it could have… (but that did not happen.)

Judge Page demonstrated quickly that he lacked integrity. Valerie Angst knew that. She was counting on it. One sentence in the January transcript confirms it.

Judge Page’s actions further caused Judge Austin to act denying access to the court to obstruct the appeal of his absurd order.

Judge Carluccio did not issue the one part of her illegal order of September 23, 2011 because of a vexatious petitioner. The Petitions were becoming a clear documentation of the corruption of the judiciary, their lack of jurisdiction and their deliberate abuse of power under color of law to conceal the transgressions of the prior judges.

The truth can be very intimidating.



Sonya Healy : Montgomery County
(Appellee) : #2007-12477
v. : Superior Court of Pennsylvania
: #104 EDM 2011
Terance Healy : #1330 EDA 2013





1. Defendant has received the Honorable Court’s Order of May 21, 2013 which vacates the Order of April 29, 2012 granting the Defendant permission to proceed in forma pauperis.

2. The Order of May 21, 2013 was executed without a proceeding, or an opportunity for the Defendant to address any issue or change in circumstances being raised.

3. The Order of May 21, 2013 indicates the decision was made “upon good cause shown.”


4. The Order demonstrates that inappropriate ex parte communication has taken place in regard to the matter and that the information exchanged was of such certain accuracy and undeniable merit as to compel the Court to immediately reverse and rescind the Defendant’s permission to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.

5. Defendant requests the Court provide the circumstances of the ex parte communication along with any available documentation and transcripts of the communication.

6. Defendant recognizes the possibility that the Order may have been vacated based on invalid and fraudulent information provided and improperly accepted by the Court with deliberate and ultimate intent to directly impact, stall or prevent and Appeal, Transcript or Administrative paperwork from being prepared and transmitted with regard to Appeal filed August 15, 2011 and Appeal filed April 26, 2013 and docketed April 29, 2013.

7. Defendant requests that the Court prepare and provide complete evidence of “good cause shown” and serve within 5 days of the filing of this petition to the Defendant permitting the opportunity to address the information which has been considered in an instant ex parte order which has directly hindered the preparation or the Appeal.


8. In Forma Pauperis permission had been sought and obtained concurrently with the Defendant’s Notice of Appeal and related paperwork to cause to be prepared and transmitted to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania in regard to the Appeals filed on August 15, 2011 and April 3, 2013.

9. The Court’s deliberate neglect to address four (4) Petitions to Proceed in Forma Pauperis constitutes an unconstitutional denial of access to the courts which has further caused an Appeal filed on August 15, 2011 to be stalled in the Montgomery County Prothonotary.

Filed December 7, 2010 Judge Wall, Judge Carluccio, Judge Haaz, Judge Page

Filed Dcember 14, 2010 Judge Wall, Judge Carluccio, Judge Haaz, Judge Page

Filed August 15, 2011 Judge Carluccio, Judge Haaz, Judge Page

Filed September 19, 2011 Judge Carluccio, Judge Haaz, Judge Page


10. Defendant requests that the Court IMMEDIATELY address the failure to schedule a hearing on the Ex Parte Order which has been issued and executed in this matter while failing to schedule the requisite hearing within 10 days of execution of the Order.


11. Where the Court has neglected with extreme bias to address and resolve the lack of jurisdiction on void orders, challenges to jurisdiction, errors and defects related to orders, and orders issued without proper service and procedure, while accepting and endorsing perjured testimony in his Court, the Defendant requests a explanation of the Court’s action in violation of law and procedure which has again resulted in harm and a continued denial of Constitutionally protected civil rights, and rights to due process and procedure.

12. Defendant asks that the Court IMMEDIATELY address the appearance of sabotage regarding of the Appeals to Superior Court.

13. Defendant submits as supporting exhibit, the one page Order vacating the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis has caused his attention to be shifted as the following additional petitions and collateral documents were necessary to address the ex parte actions of the Court, resulting in 3 concurrent Appeals to the Superior Court at different stages of Appeal.


14. In contradiction of Rules of Appellate Procedure, the Prothonotary staff has been instructed to NOT prepare and transmit any of the appeal paperwork pending approval of the In Forma Pauperis status.

15. Defendant requests that Mark Levy, Prothonotary address the failure of his department to handle the paperwork properly and specifically address why the prior notice of appeal was not caused to be transmitted to the Superior Court upon notice that the Court had Granted permission to Proceed In Forma Pauperis filed April 30, 2013.

16. Defendant requests that the prothonotary indicate why upon notification of the change In Forma Pauperis status, they STILL neglected to sent the notice of appeal with regard to the Appeal filed August 15, 2013 to the appellate prothonotary.

Respectfully Submitted,

Terance Healy
Pro Se

c/o 871 Mustang Road
Warrington, PA 18976

Exhibit A

Order of May 21, 2013
(1 page)

Order of April 30, 2013
(1 page)

Exhibit B

Montgomery County Docket

Exhibit C

Montgomery County Docket Entry

Exhibit D

Petition for the Production of Documents
filed May 22, 2013



Sonya Healy : Montgomery County
(Appellee/Plaintiff) : #2007-12477
v. : Superior Court of Pennsylvania
: #104 EDM 2011
Terance Healy : #1330 EDA 2013



1. Defendant filed a Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis in this matter on December 7, 2010.

2. On December 7, 2010, Defendant appeared before the Honorable Kelly Wall who requested further information and asked for the petition to be resubmitted.


3. Defendant re-filed a Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis in this matter on December 14, 2010.

4. On December 14, 2010, Defendant appeared before the Honorable Kelly Wall who has yet to issue a ruling on the matter.


5. On August 15, 2011, Defendant filed a Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis concurrent with a Notice Of Appeal and additional documents as required.

6. On August 15, 2011, the Honorable Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio, the “signing judge”, was not available to hear the instant petition.


7. The Court has not held scheduled a hearing on the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.

8. The Court did not address the request to schedule the hearing in a PETITION REQUESTING THE SCHEDULING OF OUTSTANDING PETITIONS filed August 19, 2011.

9. On August 22, 2011, acknowledging the appeal the Court ordered a Concise Statement of Errors Complained of on Appeal pursuant to Pa. R.A.P Rule 1925(b) docketed on August 25, 2011.

10. On September 1, 2011, a Petition Regarding the Scheduling of Outstanding Petitions was filed and included the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.

11. On September 2, 2011, a Petition for the Recusal of Judge Carolyn Carluccio was filed.

12. A prior request for recusal had been filed on March 16, 2011 as


13. On March 29, 2011, the recusal petition was DENIED without discussion or opportunity for testimony regarding the issues documented.

14. On September 15, 2011, a Concise Statement of Errors Complained of on Appeal was filed and served on Judge Carluccio.

15. On September 19, 2011, the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis was resubmitted.

16. Ignoring the law while citing instructions from Judge Carluccio, the Prothonotary refuses to transmit the appeal or notify the appellate prothonotary of the appeal prior to the Petition To Proceed in Forma Pauperis being approved.

17. On September 20, 2011, an Extraordinary Petition to Proceed in Forma Pauperis was filed directly with the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. Collateral documentation include all documents relating to the Notice of Appeal which is not being permitted out of Norristown.

18. On September 20, 2011, The Defendant’s Extraordinary Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis was submitted directly to the Superior Court Of Pennsylvania. Docket #104 EDM 2011

19. Pursuant to Pa. R.A.P. Rule 554(b) the Superior Court Docket #104 EDM 2011 which includes the Defendant/Appellant’s Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis and related exhibits constitutes notice to an appellate prothonotary of the pendancy of the appeal.


20. On September 23, 2011, the Court refused to address the four (4) Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis pending activity on the calendar.

21. On September 23, 2011, Judge Carolyn Carluccio incorrectly denied being the ‘signing judge’ responsible for the petition on August 15, 2011.

22. On September 23, 2011, Judge Carolyn Carluccio conducted a hearing
where she lacked jurisdiction during the pending appeal,
where she lacked jurisdiction as the petition under consideration had been filed immediately before the proceeding and the Defendant had not been served,
where the Defendant had not been permitted time to read the petition,
where the Defendant had not been permitted time to prepare a response to the petition,
where the Defendant was not permitted to testify,
where the Defendant was not permitted to call witnesses,
where all of the petitions which had been filed, properly served and scheduled for the proceeding were summarily declared moot without discussion.
where the petition filed immediately before the proceeding related to an order issued on July 18, 2011 where the Court was similarly without jurisdiction as the Defendant had not been served with the petition

31. On September 23, 2011, Judge Carluccio was aware of every issue relating to the Appeal of her defective Order of May 9, 2011 having ordered and been served the Concise Statement of Errors Complained of on Appeal on September 15, 2013.

32. On September 23, 2011, Judge Carluccio was aware that the Appeal would challenge and void her subsequent Order of July 18, 2011 where she had indicated that she did not have jurisdiction in the matter.

33. On September 23, 2011, Judge Carluccio issued an Order part on the record and part in written form where each issue granted to the relief being requested in the Plaintiff’s petition filed immediately before the hearing.

34. On September 28, 2011, Valerie Angst filed a preacipe to withdraw the petition filed immediately before the proceeding on September 23, 2011 which was the basis for the Order of September 23, 2011.

35. The Order of September 23, 2011 prohibited the Defendant “from filing any further petitions/motions regarding events that occurred prior to the date of this Order” and intended to prevent the Defendant from any further litigation.

36. Defendant followed the Order of September 23, 2011 while awaiting information about the progress of the Appeal.


37. Irreparable damage had occurred which included the deliberate and intentional unlawful and unethical ex parte participation of Judge Carolyn Carluccio to issue void orders, delay hearings and prevent the appeal from being transmitted to the Superior Court.

38. While the overwhelming bias of the equitable distribution was intentional and clearly evident, bias or unfairness are not grounds for an appeal.

39. The equitable distribution ordered the Defendant to be homeless; gave the Plaintiff full financial control; granted a misleading and invalid power of attorney to a Plaintiff who had violated Agreed Orders, burglarized the Defendants home, refused to permit visitation with the parties children, not followed any court order and was excused every time the Defendant filed with the Court to enforce compliance with court orders; and neglected to address any issue properly presented to the court by the Defendant.

40. Judge Carluccio had not expected the fatal defect which would render the divorce decree void to be discovered, documented, and a valid reason for APPEAL.

41. On Appeal, the bias of the equitable distribution order would further validate the Defendant’s allegations which were ignored in the petitions filed requesting Judge Carluccio to recuse.

42. The Defendant was regularly informed by the Prothonotary that the Appeal was awaiting action on the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.


43. On October 14, 2011 (#104 EDM 2011), the Superior Court denied the Defendant’s Extraordinary Petition to Proceed in Forma Pauperis citing “where there was no appeal pending before the Superior Court and that court’s jurisdiction was not being infringed upon by the trial court’s action, there was no predicate for Superior Court’s exercise of jurisdiction to issue writ of prohibition; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has original jurisdiction to issue a writ on the lower court where no appeal is pending.”

44. The Superior Court of Pennsylvania was notified of the pending appeal in the Defendant’s Petition filed directly with the appellate prothonotary on September 20, 2011 and assigned #104 EDM 2011.

45. On October 18, 2011, the Montgomery County Prothonotary received, acknowledged and docketed #2007-12477-355 the related Superior Court Order dated October 14, 2011 #104 EDM 2011 .

46. On October 19, 2011, Judge Carluccio filed her Opinion related to the Appeal.


47. Forbidden by Order of the Court from filing any petition/motion relating to events before September 23, 2011, the Defendant waited for the hearing to be scheduled.

48. After Plaintiff’s filing of a petition in May 2012, Defendant learned of the assignment of the matter to Judge Haaz.


49. On July 10, 2012, in open court, Judge Haaz reviewing the Defendant’s Response and Counterpetition;
(1) heard the Defendant’s statement that his appearance in court was not a waiver of due process, procedure, and further not a waiver of the pending appeal filed August 15, 2011;
(2) immediately addressed Angst & Angst’s failure to serve the petition to Defendant which if left unaddressed would contribute to a lack of jurisdiction;
(3) learned about Valerie Angst’s secret efforts with Court Administration to have Judge Haaz removed from the matter;
(4) learned about Valerie Angst’s secret efforts with Judge Carluccio to have Judge Haaz removed from the matter;
(5) issued an Order for Court Administration to schedule a protracted hearing on the matter.


50. The hearing was never scheduled. Defendant’s letters to Judge Haaz, Court Administrator Michael Kehs, and Family Court Administrator Cheryl Leslie regarding the failure to schedule the hearing were ignored.


51. A December 13, 2012 Order announced the matter reassigned to Judge Page and a hearing scheduled for January 17, 2013 on the Plaintiff ‘s May 2012 petition.

52. Citing the failure to schedule the pending Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis, the ommission of the Defendant’s Response & Counter Petition in the citation, the successful reassignment from Judge Haaz and other issues, on December 28, 2012, Defendant filed Objections to the Reassignment of the Matter/Petition to Enforce the Scheduling Order of July 10, 2012.

53. The Reassignment petition was not addressed by Judge Haaz before the reassignment date.

54. Refiled as an emergency petition, on January 3, 2013 Judge Page ordered the petition to be scheduled in due course.

55. The failure to coordinate scheduling, cite the proper petition titles and list the correct names of the litigants and their legal representatives resulted in
Order of January 17, 2013
Order of January 18, 2013
Order of January 24, 2013
Order of January 29, 2013
Order of January 30, 2013
Order of February 1, 2013
Order of February 12, 2013
Order of February 13, 2013
Order of February 15, 2013


65. During the hearing on February 11, 2013, jurisdiction was challenged by the pending appeal, Judge Page refused to address the issue of his lack of jurisdiction.

66. During the hearing on February 20, 2013,
jurisdiction was challenged and the Court did not address the issue;
the defects of the void order which the plaintiff was seeking to enforce were presented and the Court did not address the issue;
the defects of the void order upon which the void order was based were presented and the Court did not address the issue;
the defects of the equitable distribution order and defective divorce decree were presented and the Court did not address the issue.

67. During the hearing, the Court acknowledged the Defendant’s financial condition and denied the Defendant’s request to produce the transcript for the September 23, 2011 hearing.

68. The Montgomery County Prothonotary has not transmitted or prepared any documents relating to the August 15, 2011 Notice of Appeal to the appellate prothonotary.


69. The Montgomery County Prothonotary indicated that they will take no action to prepare and transmit the appeal until the Petition To Proceed In Forma Pauperis is ordered by the court.

70. The Court Reporters have taken no action to produce transcripts related to the Appeal filed August 15, 2013.

71. On March 12, 2013, the transcripts for the half-day hearing on February 11, 2013 and the full day hearing on February 20, 2013 are entered on the docket.

72. On March 14, 2013, the Exhibits related to the February 11, 2013 and February 20 hearings are entered on the docket. The Plaintiff’s exhibits are missing from the exhibit document.


73. On April 3, 2013, Judge Page issues an absurd order which neglects to address the challenges to jurisdiction, neglects to address the pending appeal, neglects to address void defective orders, and orders the homeless and destitute Defendant to pay over $300,000 to the Plaintiff.

74. The Order of April 3, 2013 did not address any pending Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.


75. On April 26, 2013, a Notice of Appeal relating to the Order of April 3, 2013 and associated documents were presented to the Prothonotary. The clerk refused to docket the Notice of Appeal until the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis was granted by the Court.


76. On April 29, 2013, Defendant filed another Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.

77. On April 29, 2013, the timestamped Notice of Appeal is served upon Judge Page who refuses to address the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis and directs the Appellant to Court Administration.

78. Court Administration directs the Appellant to Judge Emanuel Bertin.

79. Judge Emanuel Bertin refuses to address the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis and directs the Appellant to Court Administration.

80. Court Administration directs the Appellant to Judge Cheryl Austin.

81. Judge Austin keeps the Appellant waiting for two hours in the hallway outside her courtroom. Then a member of Judge Austins staff indicates that Judge Austin refuses to address the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis and directs the Appellant to Court Administration.

82. Appellant waits for over 2 hours outside Court Administration while they search for an available judge to address the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.

83. Appellant instructs Court Administration to contact him if they succeed in finding a judge to address the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.

84. At the end of the day, Court Administration contacts the Appellant indicating that they have found a judge to address the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.


85. The Appellant is instructed that he must return to the courthouse to sign the Order. A New Rule?

86. On April 30, 2013, the single page document requiring signature has already been signed by Judge Garrett Page and numbering on it begins at the number six (6).

87. In the entire history of this matter the Defendant has never been required to sign a Court Order.


88. The Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis GRANTED by Judge Page is filed with the Prothonotary on April 30, 2013. There was no hearing.


89. On April 30, 2013, Judge Page orders a Concise Statement of Errors Complained of on Appeal pursuant to Pa. R.A.P. Rule 1925(b).


90. On May 15, 2013, Appellant files a Request for the Production of Transcripts and meets with the Administrator in the Court Reporters Office to coordinate delivery.


91. On May 17, 2013, Appellant files the Concise Statement of Errors Complained Of On Appeal and serves the document to Judge Page.


92. On May 21, 2013, without notice, with any hearing and refering to ‘good cause shown’, Judge Page vacates his Order regarding the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.

93. The ex parte ORDER to VACATE specifically prevents preparation of hearing transcripts which support the Appellants statements provided in the Concise Statement of Errors Complained of on Appeal.

94. Where a Petition to proceed In Forma Pauperis is denied, in whole or in part, the court shall briefly state its reasons. Pa. R.A.P. Rule 552(e).

Pa. R.A.P. Rule 552(e) Consideration and action by the court indicates “the application and verified statement shall be submitted to the court, which shall enter its order thereon within 20 days from the date of the filing of the application. If application is denied, in whole or in part, the court shall briefly state its reasons.”



Over the course of the matter, the judiciary has denied justice, and allowed perjury without consequence.

Without explanation terrorizing, attacking and dismantling every aspect of my life.

Acting without jurisdiction, ignoring the law, citing invalid law while valid issues and facts are ignored, evidence is concealed.

Orders were written which were unrelated to the hearing, motions and petitions were not heard, filed documents somehow became unfiled. Recommendations were written where the information had not been presented.

Constitutional rights were ignored, the court violated and ignored the Rules of Civil Procedure.

Judges refused to recuse or disqualify themselves with no thought to violations of their Oath of Office and Code of Judicial Conduct.

Judge conspired and coordinated denial of civil rights with Fellow Judges, prevented the protection of law enforcement to the point where any crime committed against him was left unpunished.

There has been a constant threat of monetary sanctions, and activities designed to cause trauma and stress.

The constant revelations of inappropriate ex parte communications were presented by Angst & Angst exposing their advantage and the bias of the court. When asked to address the circumstances the court never complied.

When it all came down, Judge Carluccio acts causing judicial immunity to be void, not just for herself, but for all of the judges. To conceal the crime, she orders one party to be homeless, further endorses and enables the fraudulent sale of his home and the destruction of his property. Appearances in Judge Carluccio’s court were unlawful, disrespectful and destructive. She never had jurisdiction. Not even for as much as on hearing.

And then, after surviving the years of terror which were designed to push someone to suicide. I survive. I follow the law. I follow the orders. Judge Page absurdly ignores all aspects of law and issues an order ordering a destitute man to pay over $300,000 in fines when even though he had followed the Order, the plaintiff and her attorney lied. It would all be proven in the court transcripts.

Judge Page who apparently did not consider his absurd decision would be appealed, would qualify to proceed in forma pauperis, and would permit production of the transcripts.

How could Judge Page block and prevent the appeal as successfully as Judge Carluccio had done. She had made me homeless and destitute.
Judge Page added another $300,000 to the money owed based on VOID orders while ignoring his obligation to address jurisdiction challenges.

As I seek to proceed in forma pauperis, it begins to demonstrate denial of access to the courts. Judge Austin, who has never met me, wants nothing to do with the case. AFTER 2 hours in her hallway. Judge Page signs the IFP and pays the fee.

But when Judge Page learns that the transcripts will be produced, he vacates his order once again preventing access to the transcripts, BUT creating another matter for another Appeal. More attention… and the question…Why would he do that?

His game is to cause deadlines to be missed. Instead he has caused 3 appeakls where there had been one,

There is no escaping the terror of the Montgomery County Court. The victims of their injustice only live each day to be further victimized.

Judge Garrett Page vacated his order with the intention to obstruct justice… to prevent justice… to terrorize the victim of 8 years of injustice and make it seem as if he missed a shuffled deadline and he lost the opportunity to do anything which might permit him to have any life in the future.

A truly hateful thing to do to their victim … because he survived.


May 28, 2013

Montgomery County Courthouse
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404

To the Judiciary of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

You have been terrorizing me for pointing out your deliberate failures to follow law and procedure for over 8 years now.

You ignore that you lack jurisdiction and authority to issue court orders. You then aggressively prevent hearings and block appeals to Superior Court.

When the defects and fraudulent orders are presented, you choose to enforce them with extreme malice instead of simply addressing the errors. You fail to address your errors and don’t just shoot the messenger… you annihilate every aspect of his very existence.

You pretend that the prior judges acted within the law and procedure, when you know that you are about to issue orders without any regard for law and procedure AND your order will be added when the next judge reviews the list of prior orders where defects and civil rights will continue to be ignored.

Healy v Healy #2007-12477 has been before 18 judges since 2007. Each judge acting, or failing to act, with the deliberate intent to deny, prevent or obstruct any justice.

The victim left with no choice but to defend following law and procedures which the judges further ignore without consequence.

Any action which exposes the corruption is immediately attacked, prevented or concealed. Any order by a judge which would indirectly result in the exposure of corruption is revoked, ignored or not enforced.

You, the Judges of Montgomery County, have caused the situation. Presentation of the injustice exposes the actions used to conceal the prior corruption. Judicial retaliation is quick. The penalties are extreme and irreparable.

I have no choice. I persevere. I seek an escape which the judiciary will not permit. I am trapped in the cycle of inescapable harassment and terror, and further victimized at each attempt to escape.

So I ask the judges of Montgomery County…


When did it become appropriate and acceptable for judges to destroy victims of their errors? to destroy their families, to destroy their personal, professional and financial existences, to destroy every aspect of their lives?

The judiciary has become an organization which coordinates and conspires to conceal errors and injustices. The victim of the injustice must return to the court to resolve defects and errors, and in doing so causes the corruption to be further exposed by the evidence of it’s actions. The Court has failed to hear petitions. Orders are not issued, or are deliberately void or voidable, or reference incorrect information and case law citations. Appeals are prevented, denied and ignored.

Their bad decision ends for the judge when they exit the courtroom. The judge has power to address, correct and resolve any error should the judge so choose.

The victim of injustice returns home, where the callous actions to ignore or conceal or prevent resolution affects them for the rest of their lives ever mindful of the hopelessness of not being permitted to resolve the injustice. Any explanation of the injustice to family and friends further humiliates, undermines and demoralizes the victim.

Why would you act to deny and prevent anyone from appealing to Superior Court?
– If you have acted appropriately, there is little consequence for you from an appeal.
– If you have err’d, the victim of that error deserves the opportunity to correct your error and resolve the issue. There is little consequence for the judge when an appeal is granted.

Why are you acting to ensure the victim of your actions will suffer your injustice for the rest of their lives with no possibility for relief?

If you are acting to protect the integrity of the judiciary, you will likely soon discover that your integrity is sacrificed in the action.

So really…

What do you honestly expect a person to do when you will not permit them any resolution or escape?

Hon. William J. Furber, Jr.
Hon. Rhonda Lee Daniele
Hon. Emanuel A.Bertin
Hon. Thomas M. DelRicci
Hon. R. Stephen Barrett
Hon. Arthur R. Tilson
Hon. Garrett D. Page
Hon. Kelly C. Wall
Hon. Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio
Hon. Wendy Demchick-Alloy
Hon. Patricia E. Coonahan
Hon. Richard P. Haaz
Hon. Cheryl L. Austin
Hon. S. Gerald Corso
Hon. Kent H. Albright
Michael R. Kehs, Esq, Court Administrator
Mark Levy, Prothonotary
Sheriff Eileen Whalon Behr
Risa Vetri Ferman, District Attorney
Sara Goren, DRO
Mindy Harris, DRO
Meg Blatman, DRO
Andrew Gilmartin, DRO
Bruce Goldenberg,
Gordon Mair
W. Byron Battle, RPR

If you are offended by my use of the ‘F’ word and choose to completely dismiss this letter, you may be interested in reading the entire experience. You may find that you would have used it sooner and more often. I believe the word is appropriate and necessary in this context.
Only in the Family Courts can someone who has committed no crime lose everything.
Documented at A TERRORISTIC DIVORCE www.work2bdone.com/live

This letter to the judiciary of Montgomery County was filed with the Prothonotary, hand delivered to Sheriff Eileen Behr, and individual stapled copies for each cc; were left with the Mailroom for delivery. The 3 pages were not placed in any envelope. This was all done intentionally to avoid false allegations of imagined threats.

The following is a list of some of the techniques used by judges in this matter.

1. Ignore the Law
2. Cite Invalid Law
3. Ignore the Facts
4. Ignore Issues
5. Conceal Evidence
6. Say Nothing in Orders
7. Block Filing of Motions and Evidence
8. Tamper with Evidence
9. Deny Constitutional Rights
10. Violate and Ignore the Rules of Civil Procedure
11. Automatically Rule against Certain Classes of People
12. Order Monetary Sanctions against Parties they want to Damage
13. Refuse to Disqualify Themselves
14. Violate their Oath of Office and the Code of Judicial Conduct
15. Conspire with Fellow Judges and Judicial Employees
16. Allow Perjury
17. Deny Hearings
18. Practice Simulated Litigation
19. Dismiss Cases or Grant Summary Judgments
20. Don’t Publish the Improper Orders


There are times when the judges of Montgomery County, PA have deliberately taken action in violation of law and procedure knowing it will cause such a volume of research, documentation and effort that it will require hours to attempt to address. They cover their errors with civil rights violations and a complete disregard for the law and procedures.

It is the litigants who must point out, document and present the errors. Litigants must then wait until they can get on the judge’s calendar. You must try to survive even when the Judge’s error affects you every minute of every day. It is important to note that THEY DO NOT CARE. THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE. YOU MEAN NOTHING TO THEM. THE DAMAGE THEY CAUSE DOES NOT CONCERN THEM.

Judge who make an error are often not able to fixing their mess. A new judge is assigned. The new judge will not correct the errors of the prior judge. They won’t even consider it. They do this under the guise of respect for each other. But, they do not wish to embarass each other by exposing the mistakes. THEY DON’T CARE WHAT THEIR ERROR DOES TO YOU, or your family. THEY DO NOT CARE if their error will affect you for the rest of your life.

It is necessary to understand that judge’s will retaliate against anyone who point out their mistake. Even if their mistake has caused personal, professional or financial harm for their victim. The victim will be further victimized for attempting to address their mistake.

I came to the conclusion years ago. They also have no intention of ever letting you free of their grasp. If you have evidence you will never escape. They need to keep the people with proof in litigation.

The judges have failed to see me as a person. I am the DEFENDANT, their target, their victim.

I have documented the violations and errors, but there is no one to stop their corruption.
No one to require judges to follow the law. No one checks their work.

If a courthouse employee unintentionally reveals the error of a judge, they are affected, fired, demoted, no longer contracted.


The Judges force the courthouse staff to lie to conceal their misdeeds. The court staff is in such fear of saying the wrong thing to people, they say nothing. The courthouse staff knows who the targeted people are and say as little as possible speaking only when required.

With each trying to cause the other to commit mistakes which can be used to extort ruling in their favor, the judges and lawyers are truly the most hateful people in the court. Even though they hate each other, they conceal the crimes of each other… so they can use the information as leverage later. A truly hateful environment. A great place for a sociopath to watch their activities affect and hurt as many people as possibble

There will never be a time when they stop terrorizing me. They took everything. I have nothing left. Every aspect of my life has been annihilated. My entire family is gone. No one speaks with anyone.

When I think I have survived… they come back. They won’t let it end.

The terrorist judges of the Montgomery County Judiciary do not take responsibility for their actions.
The victim of their injustice, intentional or accidental actions, will never recover.
They will never let you.

I have heard “They can’t do that” from so many people. BUT THEY DID. THEY CAN.


I think it is time to organize the victims of the Montgomery County Family Court and demand the court be held responbsible. Their errors are ignored. Their crimes are not prosecuted. Their victims have no opportunity for escape.


When the activity to hide the corruption is causing WAY MORE EXPOSURE than the orignal corruption, what is a judiciary to do?

Judge Page has issued an new order vacating his previous order which would have permitted me to obtain the transcripts to the hearings in the matter.

Um, yea… there’s a problem with doing that… well, there’s more than a few problems with doing that.

At this point I might remind anyone interested that I attempted to advise Judge Page that because of the extreme corruption involved in this matter, it would be difficult for him to follow law, procedure, and ethics. I believe I indicated that each judge had sacrificed their integrity to protect the integrity of a prior judges who lacked integrity.

Judge Page issued the latest order “upon good cause shown”. Not upon a hearing, or evidence, or anything according to procedure. Simply put, he just needed to undo that order on the pauper status before the court reporters produced the evidence against the prior judges. After working so hard to harass, terrorize and keep me destitute which prevented escalation and production of the transcripts, Judge Page’s verbal instruction to the court reporters to not follow his order of April 29, 2013 was going to raise some questions. Emails had already been exchanged. Notices with the Court were already filed and on the record.

I wonder if that “upon good cause shown” could possibly be his receipt of the CONCISE STATEMENTS OF ERRORS COMPLAINED OF ON APPEAL which had just been served upon him on Friday, May 17, 2013.

The statement needed to indicate all of the reasons for which I was appealing his order. Any issue which was not revealed to him about the appeal would be waived, so it was necessary to list every issue involved.

The statement explained that the Appeal would reveal his errors regarding his Order… that the Appeal would reveal his obstruction of justice in the matter… that the Appeal would reveal his participation in the corruption of this matter… and the corrupt actions of the prior judges. These actions are already part of the court record. BUT, it takes money to have the court reporters transcribe the proceedings. (Do you think that was why they made me destitute? Yea, it’s obvious. Do you suppose they don’t think I know that? Yea, they have greatly underestimated me. Even I didn’t realize that I was incapable of suicide. They were really pushing for that outcome.)

The statement also incorporated the CONCISE STATEMENT for the prior pending appeal which has been stalled pending the courts action to the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis.

It is important to explain what has happened with the prior Appeal. Judge Carluccio left me homeless, destitute and threw out every possession in my home by issuing orders which were void. When the Appeal was filed concurrent with the pauper petition, Judge Carluccio ignored the petition. When the pauper petition was resubmitted/refiled, judge Carluccio ignored the petition. While I suppose she didn’t want to admit that she caused my destitute condition which I had filed for even before she assumed the matter. She did issue her void orders with no regard for procedure, law or jurisdiction. Her goal was to make sure I was destitute and unable to ever recover financially, and so personally and emotionally exhausted that I would ‘disappear”.gainst me

Ignoring the pauper petition was the only way to prevent the appeal from moving forward to Superior Court.
Once filed, the pauper petition, if GRANTED, allows the appeal to proceed to the Superior Court.
If DENIED, the denial permits an appeal of the pauper status issue to the Superior Court.
The only way to prevent the appeal is to ignore the litigant.
– Judge Kelly Wall held two hearings yet never issued a decision on the matter.
– Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio completely ignored the two unaddressed petition on her agenda and the two that were filed concurrently with the appeal of her orders. Judge Carluccio had acknowledged the appeal by demanding the statement of errors, yet never got around to that pauper hearing. And then she lied about ignoring the petitions. And then she continued to ignore the petitions and the appeal while issuing orders where she lacked any jurisdiction. (Carluccio also lied to the State Court Admin about the matter.)

At a time unknown to me, the case was assigned to Judge Haaz. After all of my recusal requests to Judge Carluccio,AND I wasn’t even notified that she was no longer involved. The two pending Petitions to Proceed in Forma Pauperis were now in Judge Haaz’ court.

BUT, the appeal was/is still pending… and it would be Angst & Angst’s attempt to enforce the void order based on a void order based on a void order which provided the opportunity for me to be ‘properly before the court’ to present the evidence of the defects in the orders. Sociopaths like the Angsts never give up.

Upon filing by Angst & Angst in May 2012, a proceeding was scheduled in July 2012 where I revealed that Angst & Angst had not served the Defendant with the petition; that Angst & Angst had secretly written to Judge Carluccio to resume responsibility for the matter; that Angst & Angst had also secretly written to Court Administration to have the matter reassigned to Judge Carluccio; that there was an Appeal pending on the matter… at which point Judge Haaz ordered a hearing to be scheduled on another date. A hearing would reveal the stalled appeal, and the nested void orders could be voided and stricken. Perhaps, when Judge Haaz realized the appeal was still pending, he recognized that he lacked jurisdiction to conduct any hearings, or take any action. The hearing was NOT SCHEDULED. I wrote directly to the Judge, Court Administration and Family Court Administration regarding the delay in scheduling. I WAS IGNORED.

BUT THEN, … AFTER 6 MONTHS, the matter was reassigned to Judge Page… AND SCHEDULED!?!?!? How were they going to prevent me from presenting the evidence if they held a hearing? How were they going to explain not scheduling that hearing ordered by Judge Haaz? How were they going to deal with exposure of the stalled proceedings?

I tried to warn Judge Page, but those petitions regarding reassignment are among those he deliberately ignored. I suppose he may have read them. NOW, I BET A RE-READ WOULD BE VERY RELEVANT. Too late, he underestimated me. He underestimated my integrity. He underestimated my honesty.

Regardless of what Judge Page would order, it would either expose the prior appeal OR provide a new opportunity for appeal of HIS decision. His absurd order for me to pay over $300,000 could only have been issued with the knowledge that it would be appealed. He ordered the bankrupt and homeless unemployed survivor of 8 years of injustice to pay a ridiculous penalty based on lies and perjured testimony of ONE PERSON. I suppose he underestimated that I was making certain to preserve all arguments for appeal if necessary (as any good litigant would do so). Angst & Angst ignored every issue I had presented regarding the defective orders and failure to follow procedure and law. It would seem that they failed to address ANY of the 11 statements in my Response & Counterpetition.

While Valerie Angst may have planned out how Judge Page was going to rule, could she truly have entirely dismissed that his order could be appealed??? Did she think everyone would be as corrupt as Judge Carluccio and obstruct the appeal from proceeding to the Superior Court???

And now, as Judge Page attempts to close that door to an appeal and obstruct access to supporting testimony, exhibits and evidence from being produced, HIS NEW ORDER HAS CAUSED ANOTHER DOOR TO BE OPENED. This will further reveal HIS deliberate malicious actions and intentional obstruction of justice and abuse of power under color of law.

When I typed the following statement, I meant it and realized it might come across as too rough. I am glad I did not delete it as it honestly conveys the emotion of trying to survive injustice and corruption.

“To be further terrorized by being ordered to provide an accounting which is already a part of the Court Record which has been summarily ignored for seven years only terrorizes me further. Imagine the rape victim being forced to tell each subsequent attacker about every thrust of the unending experience with the knowledge that the person you are telling is about to join the attack.”

Rape on, Judge Page… RAPE ON! BTW… you lack jurisdiction to issue that Vacate Order. The Appeal of that Order is coming. I tried to warn you that this case was going to test your integrity and ethics. Judge Page FAILED…. and his failure is bringing the curve down on the entire judiciary.

Order of 21 May 2013, tsk tsk tsk

NOTE: With the above written, I am sincerely in fear for my life. The only way to prevent exposure of their terroristic corruption is to eliminate their victim. I live in fear knowing that the victim of injustice live each day to be further victimized until the injustice ends.
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