Healy Order 04-03-2013 $300,000

Let’s look at the 5 items… which are not really 5, but 6, and they only remember 4 of them.

BUT, that is not important because I DID AS I WAS ORDERED. I placed the items at 1822 Appaloosa Drive Warrington on the date specified. I knew they were setting me up. They waited 8 months to indicate I did not do it. They then waited 8 more months to schedule the hearing. ALL THE WHILE THEIR LIE WOULD GET THEM $500 PER DAY BASED ON THE ORDER.

It was only after I modified my Facebook setting to indicate I had relocated to Paris, France that Angst & Angst then filed with the court. On July 10 2012, Valerie Angst was stunned to see me walk into court and hand her the response. Immediately asking if I had filed it. yes, I files it properly, though she hadn’t.

Trying to apply rational thought to their madness is not recommended. BUT, The matter was under appeal from before the date the order was issued. AND I can’t control the scheduling of the court date… or the failure of the court date to be scheduled… AND I TRIED TO GET THE DATE SCHEDULED. BUT, the court did not respond to schedule the hearing.

The reward for their lie 511 days at $500 per day. $ 255,500

They provided no proof that the items were not delivered. They couldn’t because the items were delivered. Dop you think it could be them selling the items on EBAY so they are not caught with them?

It was never about the items, it was about the enforcement of the void order. It was about the penalty the court could inflict based on their lie. When they have not complied with ANY Court Order and I have complied with EVERY COURT ORDER. They needed a way to continue the matter to inflict penalties. No matter how absurd, or illegal.

The items were:

1. Cross cut saw
2. Ottoman
3. China
4. Delacroix “Olympic” Painting

#1 Cross Cut Saw which the court valued at $ 3,000 sells on EBAY for $199.



#3 The China which the court valued at $15,000 sells on EBAY for $180 for 4 place settings. Total of $540 for 12 place settings.



#4 Delacroix “Olympic” Painting which the court valued at $600 sells on EBAY for $39.99.



The Order of September 23, 2011 was issued without a hearing on the matter.

The Order was issued with intent to cause the appearance of a contempt and a penalty. Even when I complied with the order as specified in the order and the verbal instructions of the Court, they would allege non-compliance.

The LIAR wins… Extortion wins… Corruption wins. The terror of the innocent man continues… with no end in sight. No justice. And no end.

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