When you all use the same sites/programs to hide your IP trace, it makes it look as though half of Asia has developed an interest in your actions and has Googled your names.

It becomes very obvious.

Let’s do your conspiring and stealth a little stealthier, eh?

And perhaps stop further harassing the whistleblowers.

The Montgomery County Code of Ethical Condict prevents any whistleblowing activity to reveal the misconduct of any party employed or engaged by the courthouse. The idea is to let the Courthouse Judges and everyone in the District Attorney’s Office and the Prothonotary commit their simple crimes, undermine the laws and the state and federal constitutions, and commit treason at will without fear of them getting caught. if they get caught it requires even more of them to self-sacriofice to cover things up…. and that gets messy.

It might even escalate to a level where 15 judges end up assigned to a simple divorce over a period of 7 years and are forced to continue the injustice to conceal the crimes of the judiciary. Like has happened in Healy v Healy #2007-12477. Once we get bounced back from Superior Court – unless another Carluccio-like blockade denies that again – we are looking at Judge #16 being assigned.

Montgomery County is fast running out of judges with integrity and honor. Small wonder the PA Supreme Court had the entire bench recused in one case. Even the Supreme Court of PA knows the level of conspiracy, duplicity and corruption on the Montgomery County bench has cause them to be completely ineffective. But for them to take responsibility would be embarassing, so the lawlessness and outright corruption continues. NO ONE STOPS A CORRUPT MONTGOMERY COUNTY JUDGE…. they just pile another judge on their sacrificial barbecue of injustice.

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