Even though the Montgomery County Web site has been updated. Their file access system STILL insists on undermining your computer’s security. If you wish to use their system be aware you are giving them alot of control.

Reported multiple times to the elected Prothonotary, Mark Levy and his staff. It has been ignored. It is ignored. They won’t fix it while D.A. Risa Ferman is trying to obtain search warrants INTO YOUR COMPUTER WITHOUT PROPER AUTHORZATION. She is trying to change the law to permit that illegal conduct which she has been doing since she took office… after that election where she committed election fraud and then she went after the person’s family who reported her crime to the Federal Government.

Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office is employing hackers. The same ones who hacked Gabrielle Drexler’s machine for making a report against a police officer on the Drug Task Force. They then neglected to tell the Grand Jury about those capabilities SO the DA charged Gabrielle with perjury. And the DA created the situation to make it appear that is what Gabrielle did. HOW FUNNY IS THAT? It’s not. It’s criminal… and the DA is behind it.

Mess with the DA’s elite team of private investigators and police operating outside the bounds of law, and you will feel her wrath. Try to prosecute a private investigator once you catch him… and see how the DA ignores you. She can’t reveal her team. She won’t prosecute her team.

The Montgomery County system will deliberately and intentionally cause your computer to be vulnerable to attack. And they know you installed it from their web reports. So they can jump onto your computer and upload anything – incriminating files. Or simply programs to harass and torture your life. Hack finances, emails, social networking. You are forced to give over the access to your life. AND IF YOU TRY TO FILE ANYTHING AGAINST IT… THEY CAN DELETE IT… KILL YOUR COMPUTER… OR ANYTHING THEY WANT. TRY TO FIGHT A HACKER IN THIS SITUATION. They dare you. They’ve got judges who will make your life hell. They’ll make you wish you were capable of committing suicide. AND WHEN YOU DON’T… they will continue until you do.

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