Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. Injustice ignored is further enabled and endorsed.

The longer I wait the more they attack and terrorize. In the last week…

1 – Police parked in front of my house for 30 minutes for no particular reason.
2 – New networking device found attached to the house. No explanation offered when it was reported.
3 – Facebook hacked – all posts removed for the last week or so.
4 – Another hearing scheduled – but we already had the hearing in February…
5 – No word from the judge on the ruling from prior hearing.
(It will cause the prior judge GREAT embarrassment because current judge must reverse the prior rulings nested in a triple deep lack of jurisdiction… and expose the crimes of all of the prior judges – voiding their immunity.)

So I remain further terrorized while denied due process, denied access to the courts, denied any life of freedoms, denied my family, and denied any happiness. Injustice ignored is further enabled and endorsed. Justice delayed is justice denied… and terror and harassment will not end.

I live each day to be further terrorized… because I survived and persevered… and they have not killed me yet. I survived their terror… and because I did, It will expose all of the suicides they caused… Their efforts have been organized. I’m not their first victim. I am only the one who lived.

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