When I made this statement a little over a month ago, there were those who thought it was exaggerated.

“To be further terrorized by being ordered to provide an accounting which is already a part of the Court Record which has been summarily ignored for seven years only terrorizes me further. Imagine the rape victim being forced to tell each subsequent attacker about every thrust of the unending experience with the knowledge that the person you are telling is about to join the attack.”

pageJudge Garrett Page has done exactly what I predicted. He has ruled without jurisdiction to enforce orders which lacked jurisdiction abusing his power under color of law and violating my constitutional rights. Violating the constitution is a crime called TREASON. He is additionally violating his oath of office and the Judicial Code of Ethics.

You cannot help but notice the deliberate neglect to address the issue of jurisdiction in his order. Challenges to jurisdiction must be addressed by the court. It is an essential part of any case that the court have the proper jurisdiction to hear the matter and render a decision.

Judge Page had the opportunity to begin resolution of the destruction caused by “Judge” Carolyn Carluccio. Instead, after seeing the evidence and hearing testimony, Page absurdly fines the victim – unemployed for 7 years and caused to be homeless and destitute – more than what would amount to 6 years salary when he was working. $300,000 is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD.

A judge manipulated to conceal the lack of integrity and ethics of the Montgomery County judiciary… and SACRIFICING THEIR INTEGRITY IN THE CONSPIRACY.

Judge Page had the opportunity to recuse the assignment of the matter. He neglected to take it. You cannot protect the integrity of a judiciary that lacks integrity. And when presented with the situation, your responsibility to conceal the crimes of the prior judges forces you to join the conspiracy and violate the law… and in doing so lose your immunity.

This has happened with the 15 judges who have been assigned the case because of the action/crime committed by Judge Rhonda Daniele. I have never seen her, met her, or stood before her in a courtroom. Yet, Rhonda Daniele issued an order which set into play the annihilation of my life and unresolvable terror of the last 7 years.

Imagine the rape victim being forced to tell each subsequent attacker… INDEED.

Rape on, Judge Page.

It should be noted that Judge Haaz followed the law and did NOT permit, tolerate or entertain the fraud of Angst & Angst in his court. His personal integrity is intact in my opinion. As I also want to believe his sense of ethics is intact and he reported these crimes to the proper people in the Commonwealth and the Federal Government.

P.S. I lack the ability to commit suicide, but by all means, keep trying to accomplish that while additionally terrorizing everyone around me.

P.P.S. Do you suppose the case was assigned to Judge Page so he would find himself in the situation where he had to protect the corruption and conspiracy of the prior judges? What a great way to manipulate justice? Valerie Rosenbluth Angst of Angst & Angst of Harleysville (and formerly Doylestown) had to learn it somewhere… where did she clerk after law school? Mmm hmm.

Judge Page’s Order of April 3, 2013

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