I have met a woman who is being terrorized by the same technology and tactics. She is also involved in a divorce in Montgomery County. She is facing the same judges I have stood before. The same corrupt judges under Division Head Rhonda Daniele, all of whom lack integrity and any respect for the law.

When I entered in her home it was an Ants on the Inner Walls experience for me. It all came rushing back to me so quickly it was disorienting. I knew what it was so I was not worried, but it did affect me and it took me a few minutes to regain composure and be able to speak in full sentences instead of frightened sentence fragments. After living in the house with the ‘noise’ for all those years, I had taught myself how to relax when under ultrasonic attack. Walking back into a wall of it, as it felt when turned all the way up, truly was unsettling.

I confirmed many of the things she was experiencing. I had experienced them in my own home.

She was feeling as if she were losing it. I assured her that the ‘noise’ she was experiencing was very real and then went on to confirm parts of my situation with her that I had never discussed with anyone before. Her experience was/is the same.

While wanting to help her out, I couldn’t wait to get out of her home.

I imagine it is the same private investigator out of Bucks County who is behind the terror at her place… using the same devices and tactics.

The radio/bug detection devices do not detect ultrasonic devices. Though ultrasonics can be detected when a flourescent light tube will light up without electricity required. When the signal was this strong at my home, a 4 foot fluorescent tube lit up like a light saber.

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