The County when it filed the transcript for the hearings which took place in February 2013 have accidentally neglected to include ALL of my exhibits which proved the lack of jurisdiction.

It’s not that they included some, they did not. THEY HAVE EXCLUDED ALL OF MY EXHIBITS, over 150 pages from the official transcript.

Those exhibits PROVE, on the court’s own record the intentional and deliberate denial of civil and constitutional rights.

The exhibits PROVE, the prior judge’s orders are VOID AB INITIO. As if they never exited.

The exhibits PROVE, the matter has an actively pending appeal which is being intentionally delayed by a court whichj refuses to schedule a hearing.

The exhibits demonstrate the FRAUD of Montgomery County Courts in failing to report the outstanding petitions to the PA COURTS on Form 703.

They demonstrate the absurdity of Judge Page’s order for me to pay over $300,000 in damages based on the void orders.

Even though I followed the void orders and did as I was instructed, they said I did not. They were unable to prove that I did not follow the void orders.

I followed the void orders even though I klnew they were intentionally designed to set me up for the matter which landed before Judge Haaz, which he refused to hear because it was under appeal.

When illegally and heard in violation of law and procedure by Judge Page, he was coerced and manipulated into the conspiracy.

Judge Garrett Page demonstrated his lack of integrity… his intentional disregard for this oath of office… and his disrespect for the people of the county who elected him to a position by failing to follow the law. He is guilty of treason. The penalty for treason is death.

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