FBI, DEA or Informant. Which are you?

BRIAN MARKS: r u kidding me! do think i’m smart enough to these jobs if so thanks! all i ever wanted was your friendship, makes u a very sad man. how has your mother been hope your getting along.

Sorry, Brian. But you weren’t a very good liar. Me sad? No. I find the people who lied to me to be a very sad group of folks though. I extended friendship and was setup, mocked and ridiculed. And I have decided to contact them and the reactions tell me even more. The case is going to Federal Court this week. 7 years of terror… and you will be part of that story.

BRIAN M: do not drag me into your life again with federal court you will be sorry!

So you want to threaten me how?
You are already a part of the story. You can’t escape it. Your antics, your bullshit, your lies,…

You gotta wonder… Brian Marks follows all the normal tactics. Deny and attack/insult. He compliments the ones who have compensated him. Then, he oddly asks about getting along with my mother. Where does he get his info? Hmmm

Then all I do is mention the case is going to Federal Court… and he feels he is being accused? Being ‘dragged into my life again”. Seems like a bit of odd emotion or guilt there, eh?

And his response is a threat that I will be sorry. Not quite the normal reaction of a ‘friend”, seems more like the reaction of someone who is involved and afraid of what that exposure will do to his life. AND I WASN’T SUGGESTING I WAS TAKING HIM TO COURT. WHY WOULD I DO THAT? If anything a friend would immediately say, what can I do to help. He proved otherwise. The responses to my query are very telling.

– People who lived across the street from him denied even knowing him. They do all watch and know each other. Brian M. admitted knowing them very well. Then found out he probably wasn’t supposed to say that.

I was a friend to him. When he needed me I was there to help. I never trusted him completely and I was always wary of the people he brought around. And they were wary of him as well.

His extreme depression, and drug abuse, during the last weekend he was at my home was something we tried to discuss and work through for him. At the end of a 3 hour convo I just gave him a hug and told him I would try be there for him. However, he was out of control and I was relieved when he left. I found out about his massive stroke the next afternoon. He wouldn’t find out about it for days, as they had him in a coma and had removed the top of his skull to relieve swelling on his brain. I was very worried for him. His depression and feeling like a failure were sources of great agony and sadness for him.

As has been the case with several people, when I showed compassion and understanding the guilt for what they were doing to me caused them to act out against me for showing kindness. It allowed them to emotionally handle the fact that they were working against me.

After his stroke, I felt it not proper to confront him, because he would be prone to saying things accidentally. So I didn’t confront his behavior. Apparently his handlers feared the same, because he never communicated back to me when I asked about his progress, when I suggested we get together and do something, or when I asked for help when my car broke down near his place.

The thing is that Brian’s situation with Rick Brown is very similar to Scott (aka Sam) Mathis’ situation with Jack. Where one partner gets in too deep and the other ends up taking care of them after a breakdown, suicide attempt, or severe medical issue. They try to maintain the secrets, but slip-ups are more frequent AND NOTICEABLE. They still attempt their lies though… and it helps them feel like they are doing their part when they pass their time ‘working’ from home to see what they can score for their partner/provider.

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