I was sent a link to a program/web site by a friend. We’ve been battling corruption in the same courthouse. The same judges. Many flavors, between us we have likely experienced most of the tactics used to victimize the victim when they become aware of what is being done to them.

My situation is a divorce that went awry when my wife’s lawyer told her to commit federal crimes. Telephone and computer surveillance. I have over 20 years of IT experience programming, web design, and my crew helped build the internet around the US and the world for UUNET and Worldcomm. I know how the web works.

Once detected, the lawyer turned to a judge who recommended usage of the county’s private investigator to create a smoke screen. The PIs, “Retired FBI Agents”, used high tech ‘toys’ to terrorize me and harass me. And I documented it, no matter how crazy it made me sound. Each time I was called crazy was like I was given a receipt. I knew it sounded crazy, but it was happening. Anyone to dismiss me without hearing the experience seemed to be involved.

When I reported the tech intrusion to police, they suggested I contact the FBI. The FBI indicated they would NOT get involved. So I continued investigating using the FBI methods I found on the web, and I also had an artillery of old programs because I have been through every level of Windows, and kept the old tools which are not familiar to the hackers who are coming of age. It revealed even more.

After contacting FBI, the local police arrived and they threw me in a county psych ward falsely alleging that I was going to blow up the local mall.

I had detected their devices and persevered. The coverup had begun. I knew too much about illegal surveillance. I became a target.

They had a secret order issued slandering me and accused me of being paranoid. As I lost every court appearance without logic, I was repeatedly accused of being paranoid. I was. They were terrorizing me. I began documenting everything on the web.

One of the nice things about web sites is the level of statistics about visitors. I watched them watch me. And when they were caught causing identity theft, I told my wife on the phone I had been watching them do it. My site was hacked withing 15 minutes. I have backups. And the data that was removed by the hackers identified the participants.

My wife’s lawyers were using something as leverage against the judges and accusing me of being paranoid. They burglarized my home. Killed the dog. Ultrasonic harassment, etc…Hacked my web design clients web sites. shut down storefronts, cancelled my bill payments, moved my money. Nothing on computers or phones was safe. No one helped. No one did as they should. Not one help desk resolved any problem. And the computers were being hit and destroyed regularly. I had the evidence secured though. All Hard disks were pulled when the intrusion was reported to the FBI and the Software company was notified.

Instead of getting better it got worse. Their team was growing by everyone who they manipulated into a liability. And then the judges started to recuse. The first one recused without request just as I was finalizing a document asking for his recusal. Edited from 125 pages to 25. It was damning. But, unable to print it, I kept trying until the letter arrived indicating the judge would recuse in a few weeks. After delaying custody hearings for almost 2 years. My youngest would be 18 in less than 30 days.

Next began the parade and manipulation of the judges. I hadn’t seen my kids for years. No explanation. No orders. I was the one who had to tell people I did not see them, and had no answer as to why. Humiliation was unbearable because everyone suspected there was something to it. I was becoming more and more isolated. People were afraid of what was happening. Or had been contacted by the ‘retired/fake’ FBI and told something. All my friends disappeared.

Then I noticed a new circle of friends who were trying to make me something I wasn’t. Drug addicts. I saw these young guys as people who neeeded help so I helped. I had a big 4 bedroom house that I was being terrorized in. Having someone to talk to was a plus, knowing they couldnt be trusted was the price. It seemed after time they realized they were on the wrong team. Any attempt for them to expose anything to me would result in their incarceration. That’s what happens to informants who reveal their roles. I believe I have encountered over 80 private investigators and informants. All of whom disappeared as I discovered how to identify them. The District attorney’s elite team of drug addicted and HIV infected prostitutes, a part of her Drug Task Force. That failed. I am neither dealer nor addict, and though I had no money, I was not about to embark on that type of enterprise.

Then, 3 years in, I visited the files at the courthouse. I found the secret order, never distributed, never docketed, from August 2007. The one page document had been used to dismiss the police during the burglary. 20 people, 12 trucks on the eve before Easter. Signed by Judge Rhonda Daniele, head of Family court. Whom I had never met, or seen. Slander. Liable. Painting me as a predator and monster. It explained why people were treating me like complete shit. People who had been shown the document, or who had seen it in the courts secret folder, no wonder they worked to keep me away from my children. But you cannot address or defend against what you don’t know about.

My wife had never complied with ANY court order. The court never held her to any of the orders. I was jailed. Harassed. Yelled at. Tackled by deputies. Driven to complete financial ruin by their private investigator’s tactics. Prevented from employment. Followed. The car was tampered with regularly.

From the day I found exposed, docketed and petitioned regarding their leverage, the secret order, no hearings were held. I was now being ignored. Judge Carluccio secretly cancelled the scheduled dates by email without notice. BUT, I caught it in the Courthouse system. She had to reschedule it. Then she cancelled them again. Then she rushed Equitable Distribution and all during the hearing she kept repeating that I was NOT permitted to address the outstanding petitions as part of that testimony. She reassured me those hearings would occur. At the end of the day, she scheduled them again. And then she cancelled them. She issued a Divorce Decree and Equitable Distribution evicting me from my home, improperly assigning my wife Power of Attorney over me, and awarding me no money from our accoutns or assets… unless my wife handled the transactions. Ridiculous to give full control over someone’s life to an ex-wife at the end of a relationship. From a judge whom I had asked to recuse several times fully documenting her extreme injustice and bias. The recusals provided to the FBI and the Judicial Conduct Board… and ignored.

BUT, the judge didn’t realize the incompetence of my wife’s sociopath lawyers, who delighted in exposing the improprieties of the judges. 16 in total so far. They had never requested the Divorce Decree. No one had asked for the Divorce. The judge lacked jurisdiction to issue the Divorce Decree. Without a valid divorce decree, the equitable distribution order is void. I filed. They ignored.

They arrived to remove me from the house with 4 county deputies and 3 or 4 local police officers. No one will indicate who gave the instruction/order to do so. The County Sheriff will not respond. I have spoken to one deputy who was there and he would provide no information. They were there to retrieve their devices. The surveillance and harassment devices planted in the house to terrorize me for 5 years. I filed. The judge ignored. They all denied involvement.

The judge admitted she had no jurisdiction. ON THE RECORD. She then went on to issue another order. The Appeal was filed, BUT the judge would not sign the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis. The Appeal sat. And still sits. The judge issued further orders and compelled me to endorse the check for the fraudulent sale of my home while surrounded by 7 deputies in her courtroom. It took me over 6 months to emotionally handle the actions of September 23, 2011. The injustice was exponential.

I moved to France (on facebook only). In May 2012, My wife filed to enforce those new orders, which could only be voided if they were brought to the attention of the court. They would not hold any hearings for me, so the motions to void were part of my response. The shock when I appeared for the hearing was all over my wife’s lawyer’s face. The New Judge refused to hold the hearings while the Appeal was pending. Nothing happened.

They reassigned the case after 6 months, to a Judge who would hold the hearings because he could not possibly explain cancelling the scheduling order issued in error when the matter was reassigned to him. 2 days of testimony, where I proved the lack of jurisdiction on the courts own records. Where I proved my compliance with the orders even when I knew them to be void. Where my wife committed perjury on the stand and on the record reversing her story upon cross examination. Where my wife admitted throwing away everything I owned. The judge was confused. He permitted me to testify. Her lawyer screamed at the judge that he was NOT FOLLOWING THE PLAN. I presented the nested void orders. I presented my case. At the end of the 2nd day, the deputy and the Court reporter both exclaimed they had never witnessed such an violent attack on a pro se defendant where the defendant didn’t fall into the emotional trappings and get chastised.

The judge awarded my wife over $300,000 for items which only she said I did not give her. I had placed them where the judge instructed me to place them. While my wife was throwing out everything I owned, and selling the house out from under me. I have not seen any of the moneys from the sale of the house she executed with an invalid power of attorney.

The proper title indicates the rightful owner as myself. The recorder of Deeds gave me a contact at the FBI to report it. The FBI contact indicated that his supervisor told him to do nothing on the matter.

Had any judge at any time ruled in my favor, the lawyers would expose the corruption further. The lawyers made sure I figured out everything. Sociopaths. When I did figure it out and bring it to the attention of authorities, they ignored me further. Protecting the integrity of a judiciary without any integrity.

That said, I can corroborate other people’s experiences in Montgomery County. My story is documented on a web site titled A TERRORISTIC DIVORCE.

I am available to discuss any aspect – from the corrupt to the crazy. They have attempted to kill me several times – and failed. Killing the wrong individuals walking on the streets of Philadelphia. I won’t live in fear of them. And I document each event.

Lastly, I had escaped after the eviction to Rindge NH. I went to my sister’s place to be alone on the lake and cry through things. On the morning I was to return to PA, I was out on the lake in a kayak trying to decide if I should just drown myself. It was a beautiful day to die. BUT, I couldnt do it. I learned once I got home that Thomas Ball was making the same decision that morning at the Keene Courthouse a few miles away. He succeeded. And I understood. I was jealous I was not able to do what he did. He was able to end his suffering painfully, but on his own terms.

There are always repercussions when their actions are revealed. But I won’t live my life afraid of them. The truth and perseverance have served me well through the lowest despair and hopelessness.

Prepping the 2nd Appeal and the Federal lawsuit for $1 BILLION dollars against them all. And if I win, fine. If I lose, they will be exposed. The people whom they target and destroy often have no idea of the lengths of their organization. For myself, there is no escape without their exposure… and I will be exposing issues at a local, state and Federal level. I may never escape… but I plan to become an advocate for others if I survive.

I persevere.
Terance Healy

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