There are only two reasons a judge would knowingly violate the law…
1) incompetence
2) corruption


In August 2008, District Attorney Risa Ferman was already ignoring the corruption in Montgomery County. Calls were not returned. Lettered received no response… and all the while additional judges were being assigned to my case and manipulated into corrupt acts and lawlessness. I couldn’t stop them from covering up for the prior judge… and they just kept cycling through.

When I read her quotes. I find it to be taunting. Because, she knows exactly what types of crimes she is ignoring. She knows the damage it can do to society as a whole. And SHE IGNORES IT. The only logical conclusion you can come to is that Risa Ferman endorses and supports public figures who engage in corrupt acts and crimes.

I can’t recall a single prosecution by this unit. Unless it was used when she was disagreeing with the COunty Commissioners and found some perjury to prosecute.

August 14, 2008
NORRISTOWN – Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman has announced the creation of a new investigation/prosecution unit designed, with the help of the public, to ferret out public corruption.

Generally speaking, the unit will probe complaints from the public of elected officials or people in positions of trust who may have violated the public trust for their own financial benefit or simply for power, according to Ferman.

The unit will investigate theft-based crimes, abuse of authority and ethics violations, she said.

While the office has always investigated public corruption, there has not been just one unit assigned to the task.

Citing the public outrage stemming from the results of public corruption investigations in Washington, Harrisburg and Philadelphia, Ferman said, “The public has lost confidence in many of their elected leaders and in government as a whole. We want to do what we can to help restore that confidence in government at the local and the county level.

I feel it is important that our residents know that there is an office in Montgomery County where they can raise their concerns, where those concerns will be taken seriously and where nobody need fear official retribution,” said Ferman.

Too often members of the public “feel something is just not right” but do not know to whom to take those concerns, she said. Now, she said, they will have a place to bring those concerns about public corruption.

I want this office to be pro-active,” Ferman emphasized.

Ferman, a Republican, emphasized her office will handle complaints about Republicans and Democrats equally.

Those who abuse their power often believe themselves untouchable because of their public position or public influence,” said Ferman. “I can assure the people of Montgomery County that nobody is ‘untouchable.’

That is one of the reasons she tapped Assistant District Attorney Samantha L.R. Cauffman to serve as team captain of the new unit.

“I put someone in charge of the unit who is as non-political, as apolitical as you can get,” said Ferman. “Samantha Cauffman is a hard-charging prosecutor who takes no prisoners, who has done a tremendous job in this office going after some of the worst sex offenders we have had and I have complete confidence in her ability and drive to do the job the right way.”

Detective Lt. Mark A. Bernstiel, who heads the detectives’ special investigation unit and previously headed the elite law enforcement CLEAN unit that helped combat crime in Norristown, will provide the investigative support that the new unit needs.

The new unit will have all of the investigative tools of the office at its disposal including the use of the investigating grand jury, grants of immunity and the use of informants and electronic devices such as wiretaps, according to Ferman.


The Montgomery County District Attorney, Risa Vetri Ferman, knows she has the power to ignore crimes… She knows that the victim will likely be further victimized while she ignores the crimes… And knowing that it continues to destroy and annihilate a family. She does nothing. How could she prosecute her friends? And they were only covering for their friends… to the complete destruction of one man, his family, and denial of his civil, constitutional and human rights.

And because she won’t act, my life has been a series of terror and harassing events since 2007.

“The corruption of the justice system occurs when prosecutors and judges lose their impartiality in favor of a predetermined outcome to their cases, regardless of the facts and the law.”
– Risa Ferman – Montgomery News February 8, 2011

What ever happened to the Public Corruption Unit in the District Attorney’s office? Did they ever prosecute anyone? Or was it simply set up so that the DA’s office would have leverage over public officials. I do not recall anyone being prosecuted.

Could it be the group was created to CAUSE Public Corruption?

“The prosecutor has more control over life, liberty and reputation than any other person in America,” Ferman said

Risa Ferman ignores public corruption… and in doing so she becomes a party to the destruction of life, liberty and reputation. And she does not want to hear about it… She ignores calls. She ignores letters. And she blocked me on Facebook.

Risa Ferman also seems to have a reputation for retaliation – this is based on the postings I find on the internet. If my catching corruption in her courthouse warranted her retaliation by ignoring the actions to annihilate my life, I’ve got no other choice but to persevere and wait for the truth to be heard. I can’t live my life in fear of retaliation for reporting crimes to law enforcement. Law Enforcement has left me with no place to turn.

Quotes from this linked article.

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