MarkLevyYesterday, I visited the Montgomery County prothonotary to check on the Appeal which they have not yet forwarded to Superior Court. And to visit with the Divorce File which has been unavailable on my last few visits to Norristown. I needed to check on the PENDING Appeal because I am now being forced to file an Appeal on another matter where the Court lacked jurisdiction because of the pending appeal. When rules of jurisdiction clearly indicate that during the pendancy of an Appeal, the Court is to maintain the ststus quo and does not have jurisdiction to conduct any further hearings on the matter. (Petitions to Proceed In Forma Pauperis (IFP) are excepted from this. The Court has jurisdiction to hear an IFP, because it will permit a destitute litigant to pursue his claim even if the actions have made him homeless, destitute and indigent.)

Mark Levy, Prothonotary, was not available to discuss/explain the issues discovered with the file, or inform me as to why the Appeal had not been forwarded to Superior Court.

I was able to speak with the Deputy/ Second in command regarding the issues.

She explained the Appeal is pending the signature of a Judge on the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis. The Prothonotary is not permitted to take any action on the matter until that happens. Judge Carolyn Carluccio did not schedule the hearing when it was filed in August 2011. Judge Carolyn Carluccio did not schedule the hearing when the document was refiled in September 2011. As such, the Appeal has been pending since August 2011. The Order being appeal has left me homeless and without my personal possessions since June 2011.

Additionally, Judge Kelly Wall has not issued an order EVEN AFTER I APPEARED BEFORE HER IN HER COURTROOM on the exact same issue twice in December 2010. Judge Wall at the time indicated her concerns that it might be expensive for the county for her to approve the Petition. There is no docket entry indicating Judge Wall’s ruling on the matter.
It is also worth pointing out that Judge Carolyn Carluccio was the Signing Judge on the date that the Appeal and Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis was filed. This is something that Judge Carluccio DENIED VEHEMENTLY and FRAUDULENTLY when asked about it on September 23, 2011. A copy of the schedule indicating the Signing responsibility is made available on the County Web Site. Judge Carluccio LIED. She chose to lie because she was preventing my Appeal of her order which will be determined to be VOID AB INITIO. Judge Carluccio is retaliating against a Pro Se Defendant who SHE HAS MADE HOMELESS AND DESTITUTE because he found her greivous error and properly brought it to her court for resolution.

Judge Carluccio has additionally failed to file the proper paperwork with the PA Court indicating her delay in addressing petitions and issues before her.

2013-04-10 10.43.40The picture here is of the sign out sheet which was once again available yesterday. In the past it has been denied to me, because it clearly demonstrated that Judge Carluccio LIED in her ruling and did not have the case file when she conducted her “extensive review” of the matter. Her “extensive review” without the file was additionally in violation of PA law which indicates she must hold hearings on the matters which are brought before her. SHE WAS ASKED REPEATEDLY TO HOLD THE HEARINGS, WHICH SHE HAD SECRETLY CANCELLED VIA EMAIL/PRAECIPE WITHOUT NOTICE TO THE PARTIES.

You may notice that there is a Post-it note attached to the sign-out sheet which indicates IF INDIVIDUAL COMES IN UNESCORTED CALL MILLIE x5243 or SECURITY x 3690. I suppose I am the individual. The suggestion is offensive. I have the right to review the case file in my own divorce. The suggestion that I am less than cordial or professional is grossly erroneous and offensive. I have treated the Prothonotary personnel with the utmost respect, EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED BY THEIR MANAGEMENT TO NOT COOPERATE WITH ME. No one in the office was able to indicate the purpose or the person responsible for the post-it ‘warning’.

Let me explain… Judge Carolyn Carluccio ordered me to appear in her courtroom prepared for 9 possible petitions and then secretly cancelled the proceeding on the prior afternoon without notice to me. Angst & Angst was notified of the cancellation order because they did not show up for court. When I appeared I was informed of the cancellation and given a copy of the Order. I then went to Court Administration to provide a copy of that order to Cheryl Leslie, Family Court Administrator. Cheryl and I had tried to obtain confirmation or cancellation instruction from Judge Carluccio earlier in the week. Judge Carluccio would NOT address the concern. When a party to a matter does not appear, the matter can be dismissed for non-appearance. My appearing that morning foiled that plan. However, Judge Carluccio notified courthouse security indicating I had no business in the courthouse and was there to threaten her. My mother and I were surrounded by 7 deputies and strongly instructed to leave the premises and that I had no business in the courthouse that day. I showed them the scheduling order indicating I had been ORDERED by Judge Carluccio to appear. The Deputies were confused because the paperwork contradicted the judges statement to them.

To prevent any future occurrence, I made the arrangement with the Deputies that ANY time I would enter the courthouse, I would request an escort from a deputy. That way the false allegations could not be made again. I have done so every time since. It is intimidating and unfair that I have to do so, BUT the deputies agreed it was the best way to avoid any future occurrence of this type of false allegation.

The suggestion on the Post-It note that my behavior is anything but professional and cordial is extremely offensive in light of my experience with the courthouse staff. This is simply another intimidation tactic.

The following pictures show the 2 folders which were available. There is one folder missing which I was not permitted to have. The third folder is the one where I had discovered the Secret Order Of Judge Rhonda Daniele which undermined every matter before the court from 2007 through 2010. I have been denied hearings since that discovery. The Order shows the leverage used to manipulate the judges into unjust and biased rulings and their failure to enforce ANY Court Order against my wife. Not one. Ever.

Apparently their plan is to continue to harass, illegally attack, and intimidate and terrorize me until I go away. The problem is that the more illegal, unethical and improper actions they take against me, the more they reveal their initial bias and the extreme bias and manipulation of the judiciary to act to conceal the absolute, deliberate and intentional denial of law, and civil and human rights. I also have no escape from their constant litigation and harassment by their private investigators. It prevents me from living any sort of life. It prevents me from earning any type of living. Because if I get money, I can afford to move forward with the appeal. They prevent that in every way possible. It was the reason for the order which Judge Carluccio issued to annihilate my life and make sure there was no way to recover financially.

The goal is to keep me destitute and terrorized and under stress until I commit suicide. AND I JUST REFUSE TO COMMIT SUICIDE.

Since 2007. 15 judges. 375 Docket Entries (which BTW would not fit in these folders). They got caught and decided it would be more fun to destroy a man than permit him any rights.
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2013-04-10 10.43.40

Still to come, pointing out the obvious edits to the sign-out sheet to conceal the fraud of Judge Carolyn Carluccio.

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