“Ms Ferman neglects to mention FlexiSpy type applications which take full remote control of a cell phone. Upon receiving ONE text message which is often disregarded as junk, your phone can be hacked and all of your communications monitored, redirected or initiated by whatever ‘bully’ that wants to attack you. WebWatcher for computers can also be used to remote control and redirect and prevent access to detection and removal programs. There are no programs which detect and remove these programs. They hide under the guise of ‘nanny’ type programs… but they are extremely powerful and destructive when misused.”

“Ms Ferman neglects to mention those which she knows the best. They have been inappropriately used and recommended by her department with disastrous results. Ms Ferman’s time would be better spent lobbying the Phone Manufacturers and Carriers to secure the devices. But, Ms Ferman does not want your device to be secure… her department’s own tactics would then be exposed. SHE DOESN’T PROSECUTE THOSE CRIMES ANYWAY… She won’t prosecute herself.”

Imagine someone who uses hacker type programs illegally in her job, advising parents about Cell Phones?

Imagine the District Attorney who DOES NOT PROSECUTE Cell phone harassment cases?

District Attorney Risa Ferman does not even return calls regarding criminal complaints of hacking… nor do the Montgomery County Detectives… because it would seem you are reporting the crime to the perpetrators.

There is no way to keep anyone safe on a cell phone. Once you are targeted there is no way of avoiding the harassment and remote control of your phones (or computers). District Attorney Risa Ferman ignores these crimes.

Risa Ferman knows this, but neglects to accept her responsibility.

I am stunned that she is now writing an advice column for THE HUFFINGTON POST.


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