The device pictures was mysteriously attached to the house one day. I did not see it done, My mother did not see it done. And the neighbor who asked what it was did not see it installed.

My mother called the township and asked about it, and they indicated they did not install it on the house.

I went to the Township building and asked if it was their device, and when it was installed. The woman I spoke to indicated that she had no paperwork regarding the installation. She would get back to us.

That was on March 28, 2013. It has been two weeks and there has been no explanation of the device which appears to be some sort of signal repeater.

When you consider that both my mother and I have photographed and approached several people who “loitered” in front of the house with tablets, phones and laptops running and connecting to our network… Could it be that someone wanted the netowrking signal to be boosted a little further to avoid further detection when people hang a little too close to the house.

As has happened whenever devices are discovered, someone knocks on the door selling something within hours of the devices being discovered, removed. In this case he was pretending to sell windows and roofing. Umm, He had no brochures/paperwork. After I indicated I was not interested, he stood at the end of the driveway for about 5 minutes. He then came back and stood across the street on his cell phone for another 10 minutes. It would have been easier is he had asked what was done to the device to disable it.

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Still no word from anyone about who installed it, when they did it, and why it was installed. Sure looks like a water meter reader repeater… but the distance to the street hasn’t changed … what would suddenly necessitate a repeater?

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