“A bill making its way through the Pennsylvania state legislature with strong bipartisan support would give law enforcement a tool it says is crucial in combating sexual exploitation and abuse of children, although some critics are concerned that the proposed legislation would let authorities bypass the court system and that it could threaten individual privacy.”

What about cases where files are illegally placed on a target’s computers/cell phone… TO SET THEM UP? How does the new law protect the rights of the innocent target?

Rushing to action/judgement when someone’s life and reputation and credibility are at stake cannot be excused by indicating the safety of the children are at risk.

No child should ever be victimized… not when they are children, and NOT once they grow up.

State Rep. Todd Stephens and District Attorney Risa Ferman have taken a Constitutional oath that includes protecting everyone’s rights. Why do so many people who stand on their first day of work and take an oath to do a job pay absolutely no attention to the oath they are speaking?

Todd & Risa already know that the software exists to cause this SET-UP scenario… And the programs have been provided to the County, and many towns through Federal programs. The capabilities are also available to the entire population as an “off the shelf” product called WEBWATCHER. It is stealth software which can cause complete havoc with someones life, and completely undermine effective communications. AND IT CAN BE ILLEGALLY DEPLOYED ONTO YOUR COMPUTER THROUGH EMAIL, and other means. Ask Jaimie Kronic, formerly of Awareness Technologies, she was fired for confirming that installation information to me in 2008. Jaimie CONFIRMED it, she didn’t disclose it. She provided that information in exchange for the method I used to detect their program.

A similar type of software was used to spy on the high school children in Lower Merion. Philly’s “Bonnie & Clyde” used a similar package to hack the neighbors in their apartment. And I think it is what was used to make it appear that Gabriele Drexler committed perjury. This type of unreliable computer information should not be used as a basis for ignoring any persons civil rights.

Child Pornography is a federal crime that is investigated and prosecuted by the FBI. What has caused this need to take action at a state, county or local level? OH, and the FBI doesn’t rely on the type of information being requested by this new subpeona. The FBI is aware of the computer loopholes. Their investigations catch the person in the act. They do not act to deny people’s rights based on a potentially false allegation.

And why create new laws when the laws which are on the books are clearly not being followed. Read this web site and see the demonstrated litany of ignored crimes. Crimes COMPLETELY ignored by D.A. Risa Ferman – and those crimes affected MY children.

Todd Stephens was made aware of the extreme corruption and had copies of many of the documents as Judge Carolyn Carluccio was abusing her power under color of law with such extreme disregard for the law and bias and malice toward a litigant trying to survive in her courtroom. I spent hours with his staff telling them what was happening. YET, Todd Stephens did nothing to help.

WHY is doing everything for the children becoming an automatic tagline for every politician? Don’t politicians realize that the kids will grow up to find out that their parents stood idly by while they lost their civil and human rights? All under the misconception that it was being done FOR the children.

Tell that to the high schoolers who were illegally photographed by school administrators secretly through their laptops. Imagine the pictures which were obtained. Early reports of that story indicated the school administration was following the advice from Montgomery County Detectives to use the programs. Yea… I think they have alot of experience in those types of things. Ray Kuter and Montgomery County Detectives never helped resolve the intrusion on my computers. They ignored it.

In January 2008, Judge Arthur Tilson cancelled a protection from abuse order which specifically detailed the intrusion into my computers/phones. That permitted the crime to go uninvestigated and unprosecuted… makes you think I was reporting the crime to those who were committing it.

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