One of those whom I believe to be a private investigator told me that MAGLOCLEN did not exist.

The thing is when I said I was curious about the place… the first response should not be “It doesn’t exist.” Because, if it did not exist, wouldn’t you have to ask what it was before jumping to help you to that conclusion.

So when the immediate response came back that it didn’t exist, it raised the question WHY DOES THIS PERSON WANT ME TO BELIEVE THAT THIS PLACE DOES NOT EXIST? What is he concealing?

Well, It exists. And it was within walking distance of the place where the question was asked. 2013-03-06 12.37.512013-03-06 12.39.192013-03-06 12.39.432013-03-06 12.40.112013-03-06 12.40.36

MAGLOCLEN is Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network. It is a resource and data aggregator for law enforcement personnel.
www.riss.net I am not sure why anyone, especially a former constable/private investigator, would find it necessary to hide their existence from me.

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