I am currently unable to review the hearing transcripts which have been entered on the Docket a week ago.

As an electronically registered litigant, I was notified of the availability of the entries when they were docketed, and advised that I could view the filings via the E-Filing System.

When I attempted to access the files last week, the access was denied.

I spoke to the Prothonotary this morning and they failed to resolve the issue.

The contact person (A) indicated that Divorce filings are not available. WRONG.
Even to the litigants. WRONG.
It would be necessary to come in to the Courthouse to review the file. WRONG.
(Transcripts are not permitted to be copied at the 25 cents per page price in the Prothonotary.)

The second contact person (M) indicated those filings are NOT available to me.
This is contrary to the notice received.
This is contrary to the experience accessing prior filings of this type.
He checked with his supervisor. “Deputy” and confirmed that he could not provide me with access. He required a Court Order to permit me to have access to the documents.

He (M) did not provide false information, or false excuses.

He (M) suggested I contact the Court Reporter directly for copies.

The Court Reporter has already transcribed the 2 days of testimony. One document is 170 pages. The other is 337 pages.

The Court Reporter would charge me $2 per page… Total Cost of the 2 documents/transcripts would be $1014.00

Considering the court, which has caused me to be homeless and destitute through invalid and void orders, has failed to hear or respond to the multiple outstanding Petitions to Proceed In Forma Pauperis (IFP) which have been filed on four separate occasions, this failure is tantamount to a clear, deliberate and intentional denial of due process, with obvious intent to conceal and conspire to conceal the unconstitutional and unlawful actions of the court and related courthouse personnel et al.
IFP #264 Filed on December 7, 2010 – before Judge Kelly Wall (Signing Judge was Judge Bertin, unable to hear because of his prior recusal.)
IFP #268 Filed on December 14, 2010 – before Judge Kelly Wall
IFP #329 Filed on August 15, 2011 – Concurrent with Appeal filing – before Judge Carolyn Carluccio (Designated Signing Judge)
IFP #350 Filed on September 19, 2011 – before Judge Carolyn Carluccio

It was mentioned during the course of the hearings that the multiple outstanding IFP Petitions were now in the court of Judge Page for resolution. No hearing has been scheduled. Judge Page has not yet issued any order sua sponte regarding those petitions, or the multiple nested void orders clearly presented in his courtroom. The ONLY issues properly before the court with the judge having jurisdiction to act, were on those issues.

Are they denying me the transcripts which prove a hearing took place over 2 days where the court lacked jurisdiction?

Are they denying me the documents because the transcripts would prove the fraud upon the court by Valerie Angst?

Are they denying me the transcripts because it would prove the perjury of Sonya Healy during the course of the hearings?

Are they denying me the documents because they know I am destitute and cannot afford the fees?

Are they denying me the transcripts because of the larger conspiracy to deny civil rights and ignore the extreme abuse of power of the judges in this matter?

Are they denying me the documents because they have recognized that the continued injustice exacerbated by Carolyn Carluccio has resulted in a loss of judicial immunity for every judge in this matter?

AND again… the EFiling program which permits access is STILL using an outdated and expired invalid certificate which causes the user to permit the security of his computer to be completely compromised. Only a paranoid person would suggest that the County is hacking every computer used to access their system. THOUGH, only a hacker would fail to secure their system even when they have been advised on multiple occasions. Their failure to take action is AN ACTION. And when they have just rebuilt their web site, the intent seems clearer and absolutely deliberate.

They will continue to terrorize me until they kill me. I have noted in recent court filings that my life is in danger. That I have been stalked and followed by private investigators. That property has been damaged. That I feel they will murder me as I have exposed their personnel and their corrupt and criminal actions.

Angst & Angst have closed their law offices in Doylestown, and have seemingly been provided the opportunity to sell off or effectively conceal assets which could be sold for damages against their criminal actions.

I live in fear… and they continue to deny justice… because no one will stop them.

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