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In 2007, Judge Arthur Tilson excused a case of illegal surveillance of computers and telephones indicating that PA Law was not ready for 1984. It was a Federal Crime. And George Orwell’s 1984 was 23 years before the hearing in his courtroom. The illegal surveillance and intrusion into my computers and phones disrupted every aspect of my life and continued for years… and continues today.

Later, Judge Arthur Tilson would issue ex parte orders without any opportunity for hearings or response. ORDERING ME TO PERMIT MY SON TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY ALONE AND IF I WERE TO DO ANYTHING TO STOP THE TRIP I WOULD FACE JAIL TIME.

In violation of PA Law there were no hearing ever on the matter. PA Law requires a hearing to be held on any ex parte order within 10 days. I guess Judge Tilson was unaware of that law too, and the Hague convention regarding child custody, and the State Department’s published warnings about international abduction.

AND Judge Tilson was acting on an issue that Judge Thomas DelRicci had deliberately and intentionally ignored as he went off on vacation. The suggestion was made that Angst & Angst used the Secret Order of Judge Rhonda Daniele to FALSELY AND FRAUDULENTLY indicate to Judge Tilson that I had no custody of my son.

Perhaps Pennsylvania is not ready for continued inaction and ignoring crimes by an overpaid and stagnant judge who considers himself above the law.

IMAGINE… a judge who opposes following the State Constitution? Who doesn’t enforce the laws of the State or the Country?
“The veteran jurist, who will turn 70 in May, is challenging a provision in the Pennsylvania state Constitution that requires all judges to vacate their bench seats on the last day of the year that he turns 70.”


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