On February 11, 2013, Judge Garrett Page, after 3 hours of ridiculously tedious testimony by the Plaintiff exposing her absolute failure to follow any court orders AND exposing the complete denial of due process of the Defendant (me),…

The judge admonished Valerie Angst indicating she should have informed the court that the hearings had not taken place and that more time would be required for the hearing.

[I had not even begun to present my case AND MY case had been made by the plaintiff and her boasting about how she did what she wanted without any regard for court orders, or the law. My case would prove beyond any doubt the contempt for the court, and her contempt for the law… and her corruption of the judiciary to obtain favorable rulings.]

Valerie responded (by shouting) indicating the judge “did not follow the plan. did not stick to the petition. did not follow the order.”

DID NOT FOLLOW THE PLAN???? WOW, them’s fighting words and that is exactly how they came out. Valerie was exposing Judge Garrett Page in his own courtroom and OUTLOUD – FULL VOLUME DISRESPECTFULLY SHOUTING.
– With Judge Carluccio, she was more subtle sticking to violating procedures and ex parte communications and extortion. She handed her a document indicating that if she wasn’t awarded an extra 10,000 dollars, then the Defendant would get the invoice listing all of the ex parte contact with the judge. Either Judge Carluccio ignored, endorsed and participated in Ex Parte Communication in her own court and on the record, or she was exposed for her prior ex parte contact and the related conspiracy with the prior judges. Judge Carluccio increased the amount ordered by $10,000 from the amount requested $3,000.
– Same as she did with Judge Bertin, but she had revealed that invoice ‘accidentally’ during equitable distribution.
– With Judge DelRicci they simply presented the secret order issued by Judge Daniele which was not provided to the defendant (me).
– This was also done with Judge Tilson when they gave him a completely different document than they filed… sneaking in their secret order – TRUMPED!
– All of these things would be included in my presentation…. with full documentation straight from the court records.

Judge Page then ended the hearing. He’d been exposed.

EXPOSED… well that is how Valerie makes every judge do her bidding. They will do it or she will expose their corruption.

How can you protect a judiciary with no integrity? You can’t.

How can you obtain a fair trial when the integrity of a dozen judges hangs in the balance? You cannot.

You get terrorized more and more as the pattern continues.

No one will stop the corrupt lawyer who can, will, and DOES expose the corrupt judge doing her bidding.

They (the judiciary and the Angsts) made the situation. They continue it. I get harassed and terrorized for surviving in their melee.

You cannot protect the integrity of the judiciary when they lack integrity… and they are conspiring with a sociopathic lawyer who will expose them at every turn. Survive at your own risk… BUT, they are determined to destroy you…

[It took only a few minutes until this document was being read from Norristown, PA.]

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